The Weekly Protest – A Message For My Patrons and Followers | James J Jackson on Patreon

The first thing I want to do is announce that I am working on and will soon self publish my first poetry book.  It will be a short chapbook collection of poems and I hope that I can see it sell well in local bookshops and online.  And yes, you will be receiving free copies,Continue reading “The Weekly Protest – A Message For My Patrons and Followers | James J Jackson on Patreon”

The Burden of Empathy : Preface

The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha Life is suffering. The cause of suffering is desire. The cessation of suffering is possible The path is the way to the cessation of suffering.   The Eightfold Path Right View Right Intention  Right Speech Right Action Right Livelihood Right Effort Right Mindfulness Right Concentration

Sleep New Now and Old Relic

Sleep New now on with another repetitive motion, another due song. Another on demand stage. No home but the heart for the holidays. No truth to the wasted patience What deserves this deja vu? This Brutal question Forgotten lingo with music’s new slang. This word It is nothing It is everything I say yes IContinue reading “Sleep New Now and Old Relic”

Chance stream of Consciousness and Chants.

Other urban dessert and over crowded chatter on the scene. Chants of a forgotten of an unneeded, of a faulted, of a fateless vapor on the threads of suburban reck and entertainment by another televised chant. 6/10/11