The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl : Part III

He did break his strength and he did get to know this woman of heartbreak and sin. He fulfilled his debt by fulfilling her lust but no thoughts of this witch lived inside his head. Only the beauty of the one he lost lived on. He slept with this woman, in scorn in hatred andContinue reading “The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl : Part III”

The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl: Part II

The Cards of logic  stop man from such fates. Yet no. The cruel man lay down at the hands of the other. A smoking barrel and sting paranoia  as the rush away began. So lies dead the worthless soul that did rob our hero. So off into the world of fugative he did run. WithContinue reading “The Battle, The Ballad, and The Girl: Part II”

The Battle, The Ballad, and the Girl. PART I

And so begins such as  a simple pair are born. To souls of opposite ends and sexs apart in the lines of North and South. What light she grew into of state and health, and such a rage did he. Drunk on his families toil in the vineyard, in any constant euphoric rush. Alone onContinue reading “The Battle, The Ballad, and the Girl. PART I”

The Ballad, The Battle, and the Girl : Prelude

And so now it begins,  a constant angry and extensive rank and scroll of rage and charge. So of always used words and wards. Heart and soul  and every poetic truth and cliche. So cruel in its delivery So Sweet in reward. Yet as is and as always, so uninsightful yet so. Shine and mareContinue reading “The Ballad, The Battle, and the Girl : Prelude”

Deprived, Depraved, and Still

Know what we are, the fear. Do not lace and draw the wind  or the willows. To be like they are, To see as they see. Weary of two, and one. Clear and appeared, become like another want and need lacking only what is of want to lack and be little of, Deprived, Depraved andContinue reading “Deprived, Depraved, and Still”

Morn and Mortuary

Fear benign of exile are taken away by belief. Lonely haze, and there are no other descriptions. Ode to the addictions rush, always in the underhand bridge of night. Magnetic in disillusion by abstract bubble and vomit. Gifted oils and silver In morn and mortuary of their lad and frequent previous owners. Always excited byContinue reading “Morn and Mortuary”