Let’s All Cop to Something Unpleasant,

I think it is no secret to the more informed us that the words of Hamlet’s mother have never been more true. “Methinks they do protest too much.” The quicker any one is to defend why they are not sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or etc. is most blatantly trying to cover their inner bigot, whichContinue reading “Let’s All Cop to Something Unpleasant,”

O Captain My Captain 2 : NOT MY CAPTAIN!

O Mutiny! Our Mutiny! Our fearful trip begun. The ship of state may sink, we must save all we have won. The port is far, but the people still stalling, While following lies and Satan’s deal, our hell grim but people calling; But o heart! Heart! Heart! O! The bleeding piss yellow head, Where onContinue reading “O Captain My Captain 2 : NOT MY CAPTAIN!”

#NoDAPL update!!! READ NOW!

Morton County has opened fire, apparently multiple people are hit. SHAME ON YOU POLICE! THERE ARE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN PRESENT! THE POLICE ARE FIRING ON A NONVIOLENT PEACEFUL PROTEST! Please share so the world can know!  Stand with Standing Rock! SHAME ON THE POLICE! SHAME ON THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR BEING SO SILENT! WATER IS LIFE!!!Continue reading “#NoDAPL update!!! READ NOW!”