November 8 2016, or, Yet Another Requiem for the American Nightmare…

The requiem for the American Dream 

  Played on all houses 

  On all streets

On November 8th, 2016.

A day, a night, an opening of eyes,

  A squeegee of the mind.

November 8th, 2016.

Evil did not win that day,

  Despite what the meekly ignorant might think,

  It merely made itself an open target.

Evil, there is no other word for these useless bullies,

These living road blocks of progressive evolution,

These clap ridden pieces of wasted human ejaculat. 

Don’t preach to me about anyone’s “inner pain”

Or “inner fears.”

That cry baby nonsense is causing the rest of us Plenty of pain.  

We can all plainly see it.

But let’s give Hitler the Sudatenland again,

What is the worst that will happen?

Conservative, coward, there is a reason both start with C.

Like CUNT! Does to.

Liberal, Loser, lost, 

L is not a strong letter either.

Moderate?  Might as well start with C,

Because it just means coward to.

Or does it mean moron?

November 8th, 2016.

Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner,

These men are dead, but their tedious personality remains.

Dr. King was a criminal,

A socialist,

A lover of sex,

Not your personal mascot for a do nothing,

Spineless philosophy.

Don’t preach Dr. King, if you don’t have the guys to wear the cuffs to.

Dr King was no one’s mascot.

God, who doesn’t love that son of a bitch though?

Now, what happens on our left hands?

The fingers don’t want to work together,

That is how most people end up right handed.

But most people are fucking stupid as well.

November 8th, 2016.  

Do not celebrate your fascist vindication.

I repeat to you coward,


White women actually voted for a rapist, 

And people wonder why this white boy here

Is so quick to distance himself from his own neoliberal class.

I won’t steal your culture,

Never intentionally at least,

But I do want to dance with you,

All of you.

White is not alright, its not wrong either.

But the same must be said of yellow, black, red, and all those shades of brown.

Color is meaningless unless you’re an idiot.

We aren’t talking about pictures, but people.

Gender is a state of mind.

And it is all just to help you jerk off.

November 8th, 2016.

If you think it is over after just one day,

You need to get off your fat ass and look out the window.

Evil has never been subjective, 

So fuck Nietzsche, God was never dead.

You can’t kill what was never there,

But you also can’t kill an idea.

Remember that fascists,

You cannot kill an idea.
For better or worse, these are the truest words in English.
You can not kill an idea.

The iron curtain fell,

But communism never went away did it?

Freedom did not die November 8th, 2016.

But it did have a damn strong heart attack.
Silence is surrender now.

And surrender when unneccary is pathetic.
18% of America is idiotic,

But 46% are just evil.
Pathetic and ignorant

That is the 2016 voter and non.

To equate any public servant,

To a rapist,

That is unforgivable.

I never liked that 18%

But that 46% will never be forgiven.
I’d rather someone vote for the number 3

Than not vote at all.

I do not deny

elections are usually spectacles of masturbation.

but this one was different,

this was the election where we told the world where we stood on rape.

First Steubenville,

among so many silent others,

now this.
If your acts of rape are now vindicated,

I will forever dispose of the words

“peace & nonviolence” from my vocabulary.

I will fight you,

humiliate you

and destroy you.

That to me would be mercy.
If your violence is now vindicated,

guess what,

evil always runs like a little bitch when confronted.
If you are afraid, I understand,

at least as best I can,

however, fear is how you lose.
That 18% have fear, fear is hate,

hate is suffering,

all of ours.

So get over your selfish prejudice.

For your fear vindicates them further.

Fear is the mark you have lost,

so you nazi pieces of shit, praising a hack TV star,

keep the living punchlines coming you dumb shits.

I look forward to ruining your already pathetic lives.

Do I propose war?




No, I propose education, and a good educator

makes examples of useless or hopeless students.

November 8th, 2016.

A day where the trivial died, 

and what was important came to light.

“My body my choice!”

Her body, Her Choice!

Say it loud, say it clear,

Immigrants are welcome here.

Hear that, or do I need to SHOUT!

over your dumb fuck screams.
I guess so, so how do like this one you worthless swines,

Is that how you felt when you saw the white house go black

and the nation never come back? >:-)
To be honest throwing those three words into your face,

it was more restorative than oral sex.
Not my president,

Do you hear me white boys and girls?

Do you hear me women-hating women?

Do you hear me you worthless rapists, sexists, bullies, and antisemites?
He is not my president!

Your Microdick, coke head, Orange toned nazi brat of a “leader,”

is not and will never be my president.
He will never be president of immigrants,

and in a country of immigrants,

good fucking luck with that one.
Now to those who stand by,

who do nothing,

who legitimize this,

or try to show this 18% they are our equals, I say 

Go Fuck Yourself.

Fuck off and die with the rape voters you love so much,

White Rapists are humans,

everyone else is just a headline.

If you cannont accept racism is real,

you are the most racist of all.

If you think sexism is a non issue,

congratulations you are a sexist bastard.

And If I need to actually explain this still

to anyone who is not a child,

well to put it simply, I am not.

I can explain things for you,

but I can’t understand things for you.

I don’t owe someone who is not my equal

an explination for shit.

Stupid people are never your equal, dont treat them like they are.

It’s not my fault,

YOU, yes, YOU

ignored all those damn liberal teachers

who wanted to help you so bad.
November 8th, 2016.

It was not a day evil won.

It was the day the fighters,

the lovers, the honest, the thinkers, and the dreamers

came forward.

It was the day they all stopped arguing.
If you are still argung,

drop dead so you can get out of our way.

Racism, sexism, and hate is so real,

to be surpised is racism and sexism and hate.

Novemeber 8th, 2016.

The day I learned who was a friend,

who was a coward,

who as an ally,

and who was an idiot.
In a way we should be grateful,

no more excuses can be made to legitimize denial anymore.

It is better to know, and now we know all too much.

Those who be woke, finally know what they need to know.
DO NOT misunderstand,

there is no positive side to that “victory”

No silver lining exists where white hoods block out the light.

Nor where a rapist or fraud walks.
Rapist? Fraud? Pompous? Stupid? Spoiled?

Who better than to represnt the American Right?
In the 70s we were a nation of 

used car salesmen with pigs of wives.

Now we are a country of rapists,


and their insecurity 

is more important than Women’s pussies or black lives.
November 8th, 2016.

Not a day of victory,

Not a day of infamy,

Not just another day,

but not a day to be forgotten either.

November 8th, 2016.

The day reality struck.


Calling all…

Calling all hearts

All Souls who have felt the bitter sweet burns of

Love’s pain.

Calling all minds

All thinkers


And actors.

Call all poet’s hearts,

Do not be meek in the face of these days!

Calling all strong,

It’s time to stand up to bullies,

Calling all thinkers,





Calling all to Rise Up.

To act.

To do as our rhetoric 

Says we will actually do.

Can you hear it?

It is the call!

The call of revolution!

Calling all! Calling all!

The revolution! The revolution!


The time is now.

We are the revolt.  The revolting.

This is a call to the revolting freaks,

The communists,

The socialists,

The youth,

The damned corrupted youth!

Calling all minds, 

Ready and fresh to open!

Calling all freaks!

Now is the time for the Freak Party

To come back with a vengeance.

Our true colors were never red


And blue.

Just red.

Deep, blood, flowing, red.

A dark truth, if you are an idiot.

A light we can use in our tunnel,

Our bluff is our advantage now.

But we must not be idle,

Not now, not ever again.

Calling all,

Calling all,

Calling all to rise.

Calling all to get up.

Calling all to reach out.

Calling all open minds,

Calling all to be free!

December 3, 2016


In case you haven’t heard my dear readers and followers, our President-Elect, or rather the rapist in chief that SOME call their president but I make abundantly clear he is NOT my president, he was caught getting golden showers from hookers in Moscow by the kremlin.  

This is all true, look it up.

Have a nice day. 🤗

If You Are…

If you are black,

  your life matters to me.

If you are a woman,

  a man,

  or any gender or name,

  you are safe at night with me.

And if you are catcalled, raped, violeted or touched,

Reach out to me, 

and I will remind you just how strong you are.

You don’t have to take this shit anymore.

If you are trans,

and they come after you,

you can pee with me.

If you are gay and you still cant be with who you love

or be treated as equal

you are not forgotten.

If Nafta, debt, or capitalism left you dead in anyway,

inside or out,

you have a commrade in me.

If you are Muslim,

you are not a terrorist.

I will never let you be harassed.

And to you cowards,

you wimps and idiots,

fuck you.

 I am not afraid.

Your yells and your insults

Your guns, Ha esspecially your guns,

and your bullets, they are pathetic.

I am not afraid to die.

Each bullet will be worth looking you in the eye just to say

“You are still a loser.”

You always will be to.

I am not afraid of anything,

except what scum like you are doing to the children.

If you voted for him I am not afraid to give you the fight

you claim you can handle.

Enjoy no vindication moron, because you will be destroyed.

You will never succeed beyond one stupid day.

But if you were a victim of that day, know the grace

the money

and the privilege I have,

 I’ve thrown it in the fire

so we may burn fascism at the stake together.

If you were like me you know there is always an annoying little thing

that sings in all our ears called hope.

If you are like me you know there is no such thing as the end.

If you have a coat of fur

or a flesh of scales,

you will not perish so long as I walk the earth.


If you are on the sidelines still, 

if this is still the matter of a toss of a coin,

fuck off and die,

because  you are in our way,

and we have the enemy in our sights.

11/8/2016 11pm PST

Release the tapes NBC, you fucking wimpy cowards!!! #boycottNBC

First they gave him a show that popularized him.

Then Lauren Michaels & Jimmy Fallon legitimized his racism and sexism.

Now they refuse to expose who he really is.

It’s time for penance NBC.

Sign the petition to get the tapes released and demand the network, including Michaels & Fallon apologize, but until then BOYCOTT NBC!!!

Election 2016: as explained by elevator etiquette 

Clinton is the kind of person that wont hold the elevator door open because its awkward to ride in the elevator with a stranger. Its like “yeah thats shitty but considering that elevators suck can I really judge her?” Where as Trump is the prick who will actually press the door close button. I think we can all agree, fuck those people. Hillary will hold the door open when she has to, she’ll do it begrudgedly, but she’ll do it. 


A little boy is missing half his face in Syria,

A secretary and a TV star are having a battle royale,

it’s for the ratings,

it always has been,

Meanwhile an honest old man follows all the rules

he promises to break,

a little birdie told me he was too honest,

too good for a job where he would have

had to kill.

No, save tyranny for the tyrants our little birdie, 

you are too sweet,

too beautiful.

I would not soil a peakcock feather

by using it as a quil or a knife to stab you in the back.

Our secretary did,

and every president since Berlin fell did,

Now a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Racists feel legitimized after years of silence,

like a supressed ejaculation.

Speak louder you idiots,

you willful ignorants,

you who still believe our skin or our cocks

define anything but our skin or our cocks.

Ah, but I repeat myself,

and every other social justice artist warrior,


No need to write a poem,

I’m sure someone already created a meme that says it all best

in 140 characters or less.

Want the media to say you’re right,

or that you even exist?

Better put your truth into a soundbite.

Career politicians,

and reality TV stars,

oh the soundbites galore.

The never ending “swing to the left” rhetoric

but always followed with a blinding right hook,

all the same,

and every year.

“Liberals” are cowards

LIBERALS are real progressives,

and conservatives are just a waste of sperm and oxygen.

Quite literally now, with every Truck they buy and 

abortion they stop with a Colt or Magnum 45.

Living wastes, 

so what does that make me?

The patron saint of pointing out 

the obvious.

Here is the obvious goddamnit,

a Vietnamese girl still has burn scars

and no clothes,

and a Syrian boy is missing half his face.