Three Napkins I Scribbled My Soul On

Recently as I was filing my chaotic pile of notes that clog my writing desk I came across three napkins with sporadic red sharpie on it. I remembered that last summer I was at a huge party to see a friend’s band. In a fit of something I have yet been able to describe withContinue reading “Three Napkins I Scribbled My Soul On”

The Greatest Cruelties

The Greatest Cruelties lie in cordial anonymity. Cruel cordial anonymous signatures. Shock and awe, terror and pain be felt shocked and scared. Scared of only the unknown when it is a joy. It is a real joy, yes this joy is not some illusion, it is real,  real because I have felt it, in thoughtContinue reading “The Greatest Cruelties”

I am My Mind and One are Three

I am my mind, One are three, Sense is none, Our Dreams are real, Our talks are waste, Our vaudeville is dead, Our wives are prudes, Our Husbands are daughters, Our Sons are whores, Our pages are dead, and everything is a satire upon a joke upon Irony. HA! 3/27/12