A Roof and A Doctor

A Roof and A Doctor A roof and a doctor, Things we all need. Those without them, Society takes no heed. Health and housing, These are rights. Health and housing, It is for these I fight. Soldiers marching, Here my call. Workers marching, Will never fall. In these times, We must never lie down. ForContinue reading “A Roof and A Doctor”

The Professional Protester #39 Why I Will Still Write About Politics in 2021 | James J Jackson on Patreon

A new public (free) post explaining why I write about left politics even though I hate online grifters, insist we need to log off more, and have no interest in being a pundit. Spoiler: It’s because I want to write poetry but I can’t just give my patrons nothing when they give me something, andContinue reading “The Professional Protester #39 Why I Will Still Write About Politics in 2021 | James J Jackson on Patreon”

Love Trumps Hate, Unless You Are Bernie Sanders

The same people who were tweeting #LoveTrumpsHate and #StillWithHer were publicly praying for a man’s death.

What I Mean When I Say “Bernie isn’t perfect”

We have all heard it. Every Bernie supporter has said it at some point. Whether it be about his vote for FOFSTA or his near sighted comments about the border, every Berner has had to say these words at least once. “Bernie isn’t perfect.” However something needs to be made clear, I am not givingContinue reading “What I Mean When I Say “Bernie isn’t perfect””

Russiagate Does Nothing To Solve Our Actual Problems

Many think that the Russiagate investigation will be the nation’s savior, they’re wrong.

California Lawmakers Attacked Our Healthcare

California’s legislature is sabotaging a bill that would guarantee all citizens in the state healthcare. California Senate Bill 562 would guarantee complete care to all residents of California including vision, dental, and reproductive services. In a comprehensive economic study, Professor Robert Pollin of University of Massachusetts at Amherst demonstrated how under a socialized system CaliforniaContinue reading “California Lawmakers Attacked Our Healthcare”