Gramercy : Coming November 2nd

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis,¬†premieres it’s first chapter in 2 WEEKS!!! You better mark your calendars, this is going to be my best story yet. One day Jack Lewis, and emotionless repeat felon, decides to escape prison by simply walking out the front door. ¬†What ensues is a series of social adventures that forceContinue reading “Gramercy : Coming November 2nd”

Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark

No force or strings, bribes, promises or laws will keep me from my stake and claim. The time has come for the fight once feared, now bragged about, cold is end of the sad day when you turn to a retreat more shameful than the french. The cities belong to the pedestrians but they wereContinue reading “Your word Your place, Your work Your Mark”