My Lunch With A Juggalo

Life is for the living. You have to do things for the sake of learning, and for the story to tell for the rest of your life. Those are two of the reasons why I participated in “National Take A Juggalo To Red Lobster Day.” Yes, there really is no way to beat around theContinue reading “My Lunch With A Juggalo”

Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!

The complacency and liberalism I’m seeing, even from people in my own group of family and friends, reacting to Charlottesville is disgusting and infuriating. The organizers are bragging about mowing down communists, I can very easily get killed just showing up for a leftist cause, and so many of you are silent! Or you compareContinue reading “Heather Heyer Did Not Die For Liberalism!”