Don’t dehumanize the dialogue, Our heroes are far from Perfect

Ghandi freed a nation using nonviolent resistance, but he hated africans, tried to ally with Hitler, and thought it was okay to hit women.
Che & Castro united a nation and overthrew an imperialist puppet government and made an equal playing field for cuban women in education, but then lead a full scale massacre of gays & “counter revolutionaries.”
Our founding fathers created the 1st country where freedom became part of the national identity, but more than half of them perpetuated slavery, including our very first president.

Susan B Anthony advanced a woman’s right to vote, as long as she was white.

MLK & Nelson Mandela freed whole races and nations of people, but their family lives were less than wholesome and structured.

So, my point? Literally nothing is perfect, acknowledge the good in history with the bad, and STOP DEIFYING YOUR HISTORICAL FIGURES. It will make our dialogues easier if we look at our heroes as people, not Saints.
Thank you.

Rhetorical Questions

Do we call to arms our

great minds for the sake

of their minds?

Do we not sit upon

thrones made of African

machine guns?

Are these thrones not

sitting in the Louvre

or the British Museum?

Does vanity become

a bi product of consciousness,

or consciousness a bi product

of vanity?

Are we slaves to our emotions?

Or are our emotions slaves

to us?

Are we ever going to find an


Or, is there no answer

to find?


False Label of Savage

Savage that which is

the nature of rebellion

is that of truth

nor structure.

Savage, Exotic

Savage, the nobel


What you find is no


I stand before you,

audience to this scene,

bare word to this


to this rest.

Savage is that

rest, in the black

heart of the jungle,

the rest of the

savage non savage.

So to which that

can only be of peace,

only what can be

of rest.