Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 6

Chapter 6  Bored in Boise Jack didn’t leave Sacramento as fast as he would have liked.  He merely wandered the streets trying to find his way out, and in the process he somehow he ended up back downtown.  He decided to take in what sights he could.  He visited Old Town Sacramento and J andContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 6”

Art for the Sake of Art, Words for the Sake of Words

Unconsciously composed are the truth, the start of all great coordinations and compositions. Composition for the sake of itself. For the sake of rehearsal, and practice. Practice for practice overdue but now and learned. Make no mistakes by allowing mistakes. He who laughs with understands, he who laughs at dies alone. 10/18/14

Peaked and Pointless : Part 3

So endless and annoyed Despite such marks in an eye much lost and much so, much so and much ever so in such a trivial naked, drunken phase. Hopes and prayers to your sweet death, hopes and prayers to the end of such a ritual that is so and is so. Was so, was everContinue reading “Peaked and Pointless : Part 3”

The Mellow In Our Tempo Lusts

Are we not products of our company’s constant sexual saturation? What liberation by constraint. Fast words, mellow in tempo. Poetry is not popular these are facts and soul is less a thing than a word. Yet to be forsaken? I say not. What lacking in a message is no more, but here, now and real,Continue reading “The Mellow In Our Tempo Lusts”

Forced Meter to Your Ugly Soul

Forced Meter never match Suddenly the souls ideas rot. Fortune can break the ranks and show you what you are not. The word cliche gives no thanks and its karma is for you not. For this forced meter is at an end. I bid ugly farewells, to you my ugly friend. 10/7/14

A Separation

Cankered past, covered walls of time’s illusion and eluded memory. Begone and token great rush of the morning toxin Sought in no effort for the curse of a mental block lacks No Scamming memory or thought but new colloquial debates of racist undertones and the aging willfully ignorant. Chronic distinctions, and hypnosis, a daily ritualContinue reading “A Separation”

A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book

This is not a night for sleep, This is a night for rebellion, no toxic city grace halls shall light on the dollar shall wring our treat true. Another page,  turned and torn. A fragment of it’s former thought and in complete rhyme. Destined be the word, The sentence and line, sweet language. Ah, language,Continue reading “A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book”

Stilted Swings on the Shadows of the Night

Stilted swings on the shadows swoon nightly as do creatures accords. I pursue my dreams in them they self and swoon in pursuit of a virtual lust and mistake. Help be thy name the name on every wall and mirror. Sacred, sacred still stint and stilted in the night. In the night, in rage andContinue reading “Stilted Swings on the Shadows of the Night”


Switch to be on there is no fear the terror. Many eyes watching, none of them moved those that are are not foresaken. Tortured shapes surround this eye and space. Yet the sweet of beauty is tickling away in the next room. The product and purpose, needing food and guidance lessons are best learned whenContinue reading “NO FEAR, THE TERROR”