A Clinton can run a country, but they damn sure can’t bring World Peace.

I know that I have never made my contempt for Hillary Clinton or the GOP a secret.  Though Sec. Clinton deserves praise fir what she has done for American women, I find her countless other policy failures and the blood on her hands enough reason to have reservations about voting for her, god forbid that should have to happen. (Feel the Bern.) But I digress.

I do want to make something clear.  I do not doubt Sec. Clinton’s ability to run the country, BUT this election will make a statement to the world about what kind of a country and culture we will become.  Essentially we currently have 3 options, slowly working it’s way down to 2.  The current three options for our future are as such;

1. Elect ANY conservative or GOP candidate and basically start the fight for civil rights, queer rights, women’s rights, and labor all over again.

2. Elect Ms. Clinton, get some minutely liberal social change that comes at a painfully long slow pace while everything else stays the same.  In other words capitalist war mongering will carry on business as usual.


3. We elect the man who used an omen on the podium to call for world peace.
Those are our options America, we are the world’s super power and we can set the direction of the next millenia. Do we want to start the fight all over again?  Do we want to continue with the blood of asian, african, and middle eastern children on our hands?  Or do we want to say to the world our days of imperialism are over and we are ready for peace?
Those are our options America, choose wisely.


We are the Revolution

Ah, to wander lonely like a fool,

stuck in ancient, new politic blind.

We are a generation of revolution,

revisionist in truth and name.

We apologize for our slaughter 

and will not take kindly to condesending frames.

Mistakes humanize authority, but only when there is room

for apology.

We are the permenant revolution,

but we are not a commodity.

We are people,

We are human beings.


Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)

Sorry Clinton people but she will never win over millennials the way Bernie can because we remember her in 2004 too well. I really want people, especially Hilary supporters, to understand something. DOMA & the Iraq War were my generation’s Vietnam, most of us were coming of age when they were dominant issues, ie developing sexually and becoming conscious of our political situations. when she made those two blunders and I cannot tell you how rampant homophobia became that year, how many of my friends had their lives ruined because they felt their love was wrong, and how many people I have seen come back from Iraq never to know sanity again.That ladies and gentleman is what will determine the votes of my generation for years to come. I feel that people, especially Clinton supporters, should understand that votes for DOMA & the Iraq War literally ruined peoples lives, and while most democrats at the time put political popularity first, Sanders maintained INTEGRITY and stood against these atrocities that molded the perspective of my generation.
I do believe Clinton is on the right side when it comes to LGBT issues, I want that to be clear, but her silence on the issues until 2010 is not forgivable to me. If she does win Im sure she will now do the right things when it comes to those issues but only because it is no longer a political inconvenience to her.
That ladies and gentleman, is why I want Bernie Sanders. I do promise to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee because we must stop the GOP attacks on women, however because of my reasoning above I will not actively campaign for Clinton. (tbh its not like she’ll need it either Im kinda convinced no matter who wins the Dems kind of got this locked)

Another Pro Bernie Rant #FeeltheBern

Look folks, I actually want to like Hilary, I really do, and I do think she’s unfairly and sexistly criticized. That being said, I can’t. I just can’t support her. I just cant fucking stand her, I find her inconsistent, pompous, out of touch with all demographics accept white women and seniors, overly capitalistic,no politician should ever accept money from private prisons, her stance on legalization is pathetic and I refuse to forgive any democrat who voted for DOMA or Iraq. If I’m ever going to rejoin the Dems they need to truly become the progressive party they claim to be and the only way to do that is to vote out the Dems who supported DOMA & Iraq and replace them with real progressives.

If Bernie wins the nomination I guarantee it will create the ripple effect needed to get those candidates nominated.

The Banks Aren’t the Only Bullys on the Playground

While I am very pleased that the issue of income inequality has finally taken a stronghold in the American political dialogue, I have noticed that the rhetoric has fallen short, even from my beloved Bernie.

Sanders has brought to the media something that the rest of us have already known for years, the growing wealth in our country is not going to the people doing the work and the Wallstreet banks are too large and need to be broken up.

Several candidates and even the current president have recently started to comment adamently on this issue but there is something that they are all forgetting, or at least not talking about enough, the banks are not the only things that need to be broken up.

Recent statistics show that the media is the most consistantly untrusted institution in America across demographics, even lower than religion or government.  Well, the list of reasons is most likely endless, I think many people don’t like the fact that a majority of media companies today are owned by a very select few.  Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, and Ted Turner are just a few whose corporations come to mind who are practically responsible for distributing all the movies, all the televison shows, and worst of all, all of the books.  The uneven distribution of wealth is caused in part by the excessive size of underregulated banks, AND the current cultural crisis is a result of underregulated corporate trade as a whole.  

The less diversity of ownership of distribution there is in any artistic or media market, be it literature, film, teleivision, or news & information, the more jaded we will become to the arts and the more people like Trump and his followers will feel legitimized to willfuly ignore facts and therefore will continue to embarass our nation, because there aren’t enough news sources saying, “ENOUGH! We will not exploit hatred for ratings!”

People are only as good as the information that they have, and just like who to few people control the wealth, too few people control the information as well.  Break up the banks, and don’t forget to break up the channels and publishers as well.

Why I hate Hilary Clinton but would still vote for her, and yes hate is a strong word, that’s why I used it.  

Hilary Clinton used to sit on the board of directors for Walmart, she was silent on all issues involving LGBTQ rights until recent years, she was sec of state & a senator both for only one term while Sanders has been a mayor, a congressman, and a senator. The only thing I remotely agree with her on is gun control & equality for women, but tbh, fuck the Clintons. Bill is an asshole and Hilary is an opportunist and if we elect her it will be the same as Obama, sure some stuff will kind of change and the culture will shift, but there will still be a lack of necessary corporate legislation. and regulation.

But sadly enough, I will still vote for her if she does defeat Sanders.  As much as I will not be excited about it, we can’t have another republican president, especially when everyone of their candidates is more embarassing than Bush.  The republicans are an international joke of homophobes, willfully ignorant, gun loving racists who will further attack a women’s right to choice.  Compared to Clinton, their evil is vomit inducing, her evil is no worse than the standard political insider evil.

But I do hate them both.

That being said, repeat this mantra with me, SANDERS 2016! SANDERS! SANDERS! SANDERS!

Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders, a curious way to create dialogue

Interesting fact, one of the interuptors was an adement Palin supporter in 2008.  Yet what I find most interesting is Sanders has been more of a target than Clinton, who actually dodges talking about racialization in our society or at least she sugarcoats it with rhetoric any time she seems to. 

I’m not going to diss the interruptors or question their motives or tactics because I’m for the black lives matter movement, and its a valid question as to what his actual policies will be to combat racism. I’m just curious as to why they target literally the only candidate running who was an actual participant of the civil rights movement, it is a little bizarre to me.

That’s my take on it, I’m still very pro Sanders and pro Black Lives Matter, but I can’t understand why Sanders is targeted more than the Republicans or Clinton.

That being said, this intruption has sparked an important dialogue that does need to happen within the left wing of the political spectrum, agree or disagree on the tactics and motives all you want, it can’t be argued that its important to actually have this dialogue, polarized though it is.