Be foul, but look you a friendly face

Merry it is that you look on this day with holy woe. It was this cracked surface. This blocked tomb that the events did carry on. Be foul, but look you a friendly face To hide your wounded fear. Pitch your bio forth, to a kind and open ear. 7/28/10

My Pen

Come now my pen! My pen, you shall be my valiant sword you shall be my chivalrous oath. Oh sweet pen, speak out upon my rage, my fear, my love, my desire. Run my pen along this dead page. Be the source my pay, my life my peace. Tell the tale I cannot my pen.Continue reading “My Pen”

Marked Upon the Hour

Our Collective sobs, going unnoticed by a firing council,  park ended apartment to held the     purposed feuds, patron urges,      and patron saints,  their ancient monarchs     and their command to sing  and sing once again. Satyricon was a farce, and it is important to be ernest, and is not truth simplyContinue reading “Marked Upon the Hour”