A little boy is missing half his face in Syria,

A secretary and a TV star are having a battle royale,

it’s for the ratings,

it always has been,

Meanwhile an honest old man follows all the rules

he promises to break,

a little birdie told me he was too honest,

too good for a job where he would have

had to kill.

No, save tyranny for the tyrants our little birdie, 

you are too sweet,

too beautiful.

I would not soil a peakcock feather

by using it as a quil or a knife to stab you in the back.

Our secretary did,

and every president since Berlin fell did,

Now a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Racists feel legitimized after years of silence,

like a supressed ejaculation.

Speak louder you idiots,

you willful ignorants,

you who still believe our skin or our cocks

define anything but our skin or our cocks.

Ah, but I repeat myself,

and every other social justice artist warrior,


No need to write a poem,

I’m sure someone already created a meme that says it all best

in 140 characters or less.

Want the media to say you’re right,

or that you even exist?

Better put your truth into a soundbite.

Career politicians,

and reality TV stars,

oh the soundbites galore.

The never ending “swing to the left” rhetoric

but always followed with a blinding right hook,

all the same,

and every year.

“Liberals” are cowards

LIBERALS are real progressives,

and conservatives are just a waste of sperm and oxygen.

Quite literally now, with every Truck they buy and 

abortion they stop with a Colt or Magnum 45.

Living wastes, 

so what does that make me?

The patron saint of pointing out 

the obvious.

Here is the obvious goddamnit,

a Vietnamese girl still has burn scars

and no clothes,

and a Syrian boy is missing half his face.

Elizabeth Warren, proof the DNC is pathetic (Not a GOP endorsement)

Those who know me and follow this blog know that I am proudly a rabid Sander’s supporter.  Yes I am a Bernie Bro and I will embrace that attempt at a deragatory slur with pride.  I will continue to support Sander until the word’s “I concede” come out of his mouth.

That being said, I am a realist, the odds are Sanders will not be the nominee and I do acknowledge that and accept it.  However the out of touch joke that is the DNC is epitomized by the, for lack of a better word, betrayal, of Elizabeth Warren to the Occupy Movement and young people who essentially catapulted her political career.  Warren herself is an admirable individual, do not misinterpret my criticism as a lack of respect for her, but I must make the observation that Elizabeth Warren was never in fact this angel of the people we made her out to be.

Though she is much closer to Sanders when it comes to her stance on many major issues, those of us who used to be her rabdid supporters made a grossly misguided error in our support for her.  The stark difference between Bernie and literally every democrat, including admirable ones like John Lewis or Warren, is that Bernie was not actually a democrat until this election, and he only declared a party affiliation out of political neccesity.  I have to remind everyone of a sad truth about Warren, she was always a democrat.

“But James, the democratic party is so pragmatic and stands for all these progressive issues.”

Out of politeness, I usually repress my urge to yell, BULLSHIT, but since this is my blog I can say whatever I want, so let me just say that is pure bullshit.

Now before anyone misinterprets this as an appraisal of the GOP, think again.  I may dislike the DNC, but I despise the GOP and the current state of their even more anachranistic party speaks for itself.  I am not going to just state the obvious, we all know the GOP sucks, but I am going to make the less popular observations about these democrats that are constantly painted as benevolent saints when they are just lessers of two evils.

The DNC is in fact the lesser of two evils, the pragmatic nature of the people in the party makes them more open to necceasry changes in public policy.  That is fair and should be noted.  However the party has demonstrated that the truly progressive agenda of the Sander’s campaign.  The platfrom that Clinton and the whole DNC NEEDS to adopt if they ever want to win over Sander’s supporters, and millenials as a whole, was essentially rejected by the platform commitee, including diginity for the Palestinian people and Universal Health Care.  The DNC, the party of Warren, the party she has always aligned with, made that decision.

Warren’s endorsement of Clinton is understandable, Clinton is the likely nominee and Warren is mostly concerned with beating Trump, which is totally fair.  But you cannot just run a campaign on fear of the opposition when you don’t actually represent the views of the people you want to win over.  Warren is like anyother life long political democrat, blatantly out of touch with the real world and road blocking real change by allying with the people who are causing the problem.  By standing on that stage she is putting her party ahead of the needs of the people, which is what all democrats do.  She has been a democrat from the beginning, you cannot claim to support the people if you are a life long member of a party that has never infact represented the modern people.

I respect Elizabeth Warren, but I no longer support her.  The DNC is a joke until Sander’s platform becomes the inherent platform of the party.  Yes we need to beat Trump, but we also need to stop letting two out dated and out of touch parties make the decisions that affect the lives of everyday people.

The day after the DNC rejects the core of Bernie’s platform, Warren stands on a stage proudly declaring. “I’m With Her” Excuse me as I roll my eyes at such a laughably egomanical campaign slogan, but I still like what Sander’s has to say better, “This is not about me, this is about us.”

Dear Secretary Clinton,

Dear  Secretary,

Congratulations on your victory.

Congratulations on claiming a win when the votes of 3 million were legally barred.

Congratulations on Wyoming where you won, even though you didn’t.

Congratulations on Arizona where the elderly, the crippled, and others waited in blistering heat, never to have a vote cast.

Congratulations on your victories, hollow though they be.

But I ask you Secretary Clinton,

I ask you from the bottom of my heart as someone who respects you.

Believe it or not at the bottom of all my rhetoric, there is respect.

So I ask you Madame Secretary,

Where were you?
You claim to have always fought for civil rights,

where were you?

You claim that you can take on the banks,

where were you?

You claim to be ready to lead our nation in combat.

Where have you been?

Were you there in 2005 when Jorge came back from Iraq, a once youthful soul, so bitter at the sites, the murders and rapes endured and seen in war?

Where were you when he came home?

Where were you when my black brothers and latino sisters had their families torn apart?

Where were you when the Libyan child choked on shrapnel, or when the Iraqi girl was gangraped by our own uniforms?

When I saw the greatest minds of my generation, starving hysterical naked, because their own leaders, their own saviors, got up in front of millions to say, “Your love is wrong.”

Where were you?

I know where you were

YOU sent Jorge to Iraq.

YOU said those words.

YOU sent brothers and sisters to rot.

YOU turned your back.
You say you have always acted the opposite.

You have always been the progressive.

I say, check the tape.

Is throwing a whole race under the bus to move your own agenda the opposite of what I accuse you of above?

Is turning your back on trans, gay, and lesbian citizens the opposite?
No doubt you refute my claims,

yet their is one thing you can not refute.

Your silence.

You “always supported” black americans, but stayed silent when they got rounded and locked up.

You “always fought” for the LBGT citizens, yet stayed silent for years while they were beaten, killed, and their love roadblocked.

You have helped recently, and you have listened and started to listen.

But your efforts are too late.

You’re followers may forgive you.

They may even exemplify and trust you.

But I will never forget.

I will never forget the villainous minds Iraq created of my friends.

I will never forgive any leader who let my friends think their love was wrong.

I will never forget the pictures of those Libyan children.

I will never forget Secretary Clinton.
Now, some fairness.

You do fight for women.

American women.

You stand by a women’s right to choice.

American women.

Do I question your actions that have done good?

No, in fact I applaud them.

But you can not say you have always done something,

when I can check the tape.

You can not say you are the radical, that you will be change,

but tell us to be patient 

to “be realistic.”
You do have math on your side.

This is a fact,

but math means nothing under manipulation.

You may call it nonsense, how dare I have a sense of right and wrong.

You may call it delusion, that we should work with the system the way Chavez, King, and many others did.  

After all, they didn’t fight, right? They just followed the established precedent, right?

You have common sense on your side.

It would have been common sense for Dr. King never to have gone to jail.

It would have been common sense for Cesar to just shut up and work.

It would have been common sense for your heroes to just accept that they could not vote.

And it would be common sense just to forget, and vote for you.

No doubt you see my point.

Common sense is safe, but it only protects, it does not challenge.
So Secretary Clinton,

forgive me for being less than excited over your victory.

Forgive me for being less than enthusiastic that you may lead this country.
The greatest enemy to Dr. King was not the hateful roadblocks,

it was the white moderate.

Secretary Clinton, 

Don’t pretend to be anything else.

You may have seen the light,

you may finally after an insultingly long silence be on the right side of history.

But you are the white moderate.

You are the chorus of Mississippi Goddamn.
I will not call you whore or slut.

You are neither, you are a person.

You are a strong person,

 a pillar of a woman.
Yet you insult us,

you insult everyone, by pretending you don’t have blood on your palms.

You insult us when you think we can’t hold you to scrutiny.

You insult us when it seems you think we won’t be able to check the tape.

But what was insulting the most?

Your silence.
Your silence killed more than any war, than any DOMA could.

Let me conclude by saying Madame secretary,

You are not Ms. Warren,

nor will you ever be.
So congratulations Madame Secretary, and best of luck.

No matter what happens,

all anger aside,

I assure you, you will need it.

Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)

Sorry Clinton people but she will never win over millennials the way Bernie can because we remember her in 2004 too well. I really want people, especially Hilary supporters, to understand something. DOMA & the Iraq War were my generation’s Vietnam, most of us were coming of age when they were dominant issues, ie developing sexually and becoming conscious of our political situations. when she made those two blunders and I cannot tell you how rampant homophobia became that year, how many of my friends had their lives ruined because they felt their love was wrong, and how many people I have seen come back from Iraq never to know sanity again.That ladies and gentleman is what will determine the votes of my generation for years to come. I feel that people, especially Clinton supporters, should understand that votes for DOMA & the Iraq War literally ruined peoples lives, and while most democrats at the time put political popularity first, Sanders maintained INTEGRITY and stood against these atrocities that molded the perspective of my generation.
I do believe Clinton is on the right side when it comes to LGBT issues, I want that to be clear, but her silence on the issues until 2010 is not forgivable to me. If she does win Im sure she will now do the right things when it comes to those issues but only because it is no longer a political inconvenience to her.
That ladies and gentleman, is why I want Bernie Sanders. I do promise to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee because we must stop the GOP attacks on women, however because of my reasoning above I will not actively campaign for Clinton. (tbh its not like she’ll need it either Im kinda convinced no matter who wins the Dems kind of got this locked)

The Banks Aren’t the Only Bullys on the Playground

While I am very pleased that the issue of income inequality has finally taken a stronghold in the American political dialogue, I have noticed that the rhetoric has fallen short, even from my beloved Bernie.

Sanders has brought to the media something that the rest of us have already known for years, the growing wealth in our country is not going to the people doing the work and the Wallstreet banks are too large and need to be broken up.

Several candidates and even the current president have recently started to comment adamently on this issue but there is something that they are all forgetting, or at least not talking about enough, the banks are not the only things that need to be broken up.

Recent statistics show that the media is the most consistantly untrusted institution in America across demographics, even lower than religion or government.  Well, the list of reasons is most likely endless, I think many people don’t like the fact that a majority of media companies today are owned by a very select few.  Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, and Ted Turner are just a few whose corporations come to mind who are practically responsible for distributing all the movies, all the televison shows, and worst of all, all of the books.  The uneven distribution of wealth is caused in part by the excessive size of underregulated banks, AND the current cultural crisis is a result of underregulated corporate trade as a whole.  

The less diversity of ownership of distribution there is in any artistic or media market, be it literature, film, teleivision, or news & information, the more jaded we will become to the arts and the more people like Trump and his followers will feel legitimized to willfuly ignore facts and therefore will continue to embarass our nation, because there aren’t enough news sources saying, “ENOUGH! We will not exploit hatred for ratings!”

People are only as good as the information that they have, and just like who to few people control the wealth, too few people control the information as well.  Break up the banks, and don’t forget to break up the channels and publishers as well.