Keith Ellison Should Resign

Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend is accusing him of verbal and physical abuse. The accusations include stories where Ellison dragged his ex by her hair from their bed and berated her in front of her children constantly.

Ellison has denied the charges and recently won his primary election for Michigan’s Attorney General.

Ellison was a progressive favorite to takeover as DNC chair but lost to centrist liberal Tom Perez. He represents the Berniecrat wing of the party and was a popular choice because of his support for Bernie and his stance against the party’s use of superdelegates.

Groups that have endorsed Ellison such as Our Revolution have made no comment about the allegations. Bernie Sanders who has also supported Ellison strongly in the past, has made no public comment about the allegations either.

I have supported Ellison and was one of the people hoping he would end up taking over the DNC. I now rescind any support I had for him in the past and think he should step down.

Ellison should resign immediately. There is always the possibility that the allegations are false, that they are an attempt at character assassination for either political or personal reasons. However, such a defense will only make the socialist and progressive dialogue more problematic. We do our movement no favors when we ignore such allegations or excuse them for any reason.

We also do ourselves no favors if we pick and choose which victims to believe. As a whole we must put victims first and listen to their stories because deciding to come forward with accusations like this can be traumatic in of itself. Much like when Al Franken was accused liberals leaped to his defense because his accuser was a Trump supporter. Progressives and socialists should avoid this folly at all costs. Ellison has every right to deny the charges and prove his innocence, but not at the cost of the movement.

If Ellison is allowed to continue running in the public sphere while these allegations are coming forward it can only hurt the movement. It will play into liberal and capitalist fodder about sexism on the left, that socialists and progressives don’t actually care about all the victims of domestic abuse or sexual crimes. This is inherently not true because to be a socialist means to be a feminist and therefore to pursue the end of rape culture, and such a culture will only be defeated if we put victims first. Even if Ellison is innocent, continuing to run and serve in public office while such allegations are coming forward will hurt progressive causes. It should not be on the movement to prove Ellison innocent it is on Ellison himself.

Ellison’s ex deserves justice, and Ellison deserves a chance to prove his innocence, and the movement deserves to be a place free from enabling abuse. If we do not take the accusations against him seriously we run the risk of alienating other victims of domestic abuse from our cause. This would ultimately kill the movement in my opinion and therefore it should not be a burden placed on us. If this is truly a personal matter, as Ellison says it is, then he should be the one to deal with the consequences, not the progressive movement.

In short, Ellison should resign and end his campaign immediately. The charges against him are for him to face, not for the movement to whitewash, ignore, or excuse.

Who is afraid of the DSA anyway? Join us!

Who is afraid of the Democratic Socialists of America? Let’s review, shall we?


Wayne Lapierre gave us a shout out at the C.P.A.C. conference in February 2018 calling our college contingent, the Young Democratic Socialists of America, a threat. Thanks to his public “warning” to conservatives, the DSA’s membership grew by 100 members that day alone. The organization now boasts over 40,000 members nationwide.

3. The Democratic Party

The reaction by establishment democrats to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory has been less than welcoming. Governor Cuomo of New York lamented about Rep. Joesph Crowley’s loss rather than celebrate the victory of an anti NRA, pro labor progressive. Senator Tammy Duckworth even said that the party should avoid going too far left, saying that Cortez could win in places like the Bronx, ‘but not the Midwest.” Senator Duckworth is clearly unaware of a little place called Chicago, practically the capital of American labor movements. The senator might also be interested to know that in the 2016 primary election Senator Bernie Sanders won Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Indiana. So…

2. Alex Jones

“A SELF PROCLAIMED COMMUNIST HAS WON AN ELECTION!” That was what Alex Jones was screaming about when he learned the news of Ocasio-Cortez’s win. He rambled and ranted to his cult followers about the dangers of the left and the risk of us taking over. (Queue “Nothing but a G Thing” and put on those shades comrades, we got him freaking the fuck out!) Jones also thought Hillary Clinton was pimping child sex slaves in a pizza restaurant and he thought Obama was a communist. I honestly think it is safe to assume that Alex Jones doesn’t know what communism is.

1. Fox News

Sean Hannity gave us a free infomercial when he posted a graphic of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s platform. In an effort to terrify his viewers he merely delighted us on twitter and probably helped our numbers, because it was after they broke this story that the DSA’s membership spiked to over 40,000. Let us also not forget the station’s less than flattering coverage they gave us when we heckled Milo out of a bar in New York, some pundits even calling us an “angry mob.” Yes, how dare we get upset that a pedophile nazi is allowed to walk freely in our country today!? Please excuse me because my eyes almost rolled so hard they nearly popped out of my skull.

This list doesn’t even cover the Washington Post and New York Time’s columnists who I’m sure are more concnerned with staying in their centerist bubbles instead of acknowledging the real world. Buddha said, “You can judge a man by the enemies he has.” I think we have a good list of enemies here.

Join DSA today.

I Hate Joe Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III is everything wrong with the DNC put into human form.

We’ll ignore the fact that the people calling him the future of the Democratic Party are the same people who crucified Bernie Sanders for being a white straight man running against Hillary Clinton, we’ll even forget the fact he is a goddamn trust fund kid who accepts money from big Pharma and the health industry while most people his age live pay check to paycheck and cannot afford health care because of his votes against Medicare for all. We’ll ignore that he is not in favor of cannabis legalization and has no problem letting the racist, one sided drug war to continue.

We’ll ignore all of that and just focus on the rest of his shitty record;

He voted to allow concealed carry permits across state lines in a time when mass shootings are an epidemic.

He voted to table impeachment proceedings for Trump, so apparently the Democrats will do everything to hold Trump accountable except for the one thing that could actually hold him accountable. By the way according to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Trump could be impeached for over 20 different offenses by now, but you are right Joe, it’s not the right time. *Insert eye roll emoji here please my dear reader.

He voted for sanctions against Iran.

He voted for removing anti trust exemption for insurance providers. I don’t know what the fuck that means but Trump agrees with it so it can’t be good.

He abstained from voting on the tax overhaul.

He has taken $12,000 from Lockheed Martin, one of the top beneficiaries from Trumps $700 billion military spending increase.

Did I mention he is anti weed?

Joe Kennedy III, fuck you, I hate you. You never worked a damn day in your life, no son of a millionaire ever has. Fuck off Joe!

Why I left the “Resistance” and so should you….

The following is a copy and paste of my most recent Facebook status:

I’m leaving the Resistance Sac/Elk Grove group. It is not enough to just be anti Trump and there is nothing radical about supporting corporate Dems like Ken Cooley, Ami Bera, or Kamila Harris, unless they are vocally voicing support for radical policy. There is too much blind support of Dems in this group and the so called “Resistance.” I do not deny the importance of resisting Trump and I encourage this group to continue to move forward in doing so. However for me it’s not enough to just resist Trump, we must revolt against him. I also think that too many people in this group are in denial about what is splitting the left. It is not radicals seeking to primary incompetent Dems, it is the supporters of these incompetent Dems who still put party before people, who still buy into lies forced onto us by our reactionary opponents (i.e. the police are mostly good, party loyalty is important etc) I’m sorry but I felt I had to voice these concerns. I hope everyone in this group continues to fight Trump as I will continue to do so. However note that if you think this fight is over when we put a Dem back in office, then you are just as much a part of the problem as Trump. Trump is guilty, but so is the whole damn system.