Release the tapes NBC, you fucking wimpy cowards!!! #boycottNBC

First they gave him a show that popularized him. Then Lauren Michaels & Jimmy Fallon legitimized his racism and sexism. Now they refuse to expose who he really is. It’s time for penance NBC. Sign the petition to get the tapes released and demand the network, including Michaels & Fallon apologize, but until then BOYCOTTContinue reading “Release the tapes NBC, you fucking wimpy cowards!!! #boycottNBC”


Its one thing to be fair to both sides of a legitimate political discourse. It is a totally different matter when you legitimize something with absolutely no legitimacy, like Donald Trump.  Jimmy Fallon, you fucked up. I will not watch anything from NBC until you apologize for this unforgivable fuck up.  No Seth Meyers, noContinue reading “#BoycottNBC”