The Professional Protester | Episode 43 | Police hold Cop Expo on Six Month Anniversary of Stephon Clark’s Murder, BLM demands accountability

On September 18, 2018 the police in Sacramento hosted a statewide Cop Expo. When Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones learned that Black Lives Matter would be picketing their event, he encouraged white supremacist counter protesters to come out, putting the lives of Black Lives Matter organizers and supporters at risk.

Organizers and supporters of BLM took over J Street while hosting a die in demanding justice for the lives slaughtered by Sacramento police.

The Sacramento Police Department threatened the crowd, including media and legal observers, with rubber bullets and tasers.

The events fell on the six month anniversary of the death of Stephon Clark. The two officers who killed Clark, Jared Robinet and Terrance Mercadal, have not only not been fired but are still on active duty as Sacramento police officers.

This protest comes just weeks after police shot and killed another black person, Darrell Richards, who was only 19.

Richard’s death is the 3rd murder by Sacramento police forces in 2018. No charges have been levied against a single officer. To this day BLM Sacramento hosts a protest and community cookout outside of District Attorney Schubert’s office demanding justice for Stephon.

In this video you will see a police strike me with there bike and another officer with their finger on the trigger of a rubber bullet gun.

Sacramento Law Enforcement is Run By Morons

Alright, plenty has been written and analyzed about Black Lives Matter, racial justice, and cases like Stephon Clark. They have been written more stringently and better than anything I am capable of writing.

However there is one thing I do have to point out about the aftermath of the Stephon Clark shooting or rather I have a question to ask; how fucking stupid are the people running Sacramento’s law enforcement, and how stupid do they think we are?

Black Lives Matter has organized over five weeks of protests outside of Sacramento District Attorney Anne Schubert’s office demanding charges be brought against officers Terence Mercedal and Jared Robinet who were caught on video murdering Stephon Clark. During those five weeks BLM Sacramento has had a series of non violent protests and community picnics, mostly outside her office while other groups have been arranging vigils for Stephon.

Now, how has Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, D.A. Schubert, and Sacramento Police Chief Hahn reacted to the public’s demands for justice?

1. At one of the vigils for Stephon a disabled woman in her 60s was hit by a sheriff’s department SUV and taken to the hospital. Sheriff Scott Jones suggested that the deputies in the car were scared of “paid protesters” who Jones said broke the car window. This was proven to be a lie when video evidence proved no one at the protest broke the window before the SUV sped off.

2. Weeks later, two black women were arrested at one of the protests for Stephon Clark at the D.A.’s office after Sac PD officers were hitting protesters with batons and bikes and verbally abusing them. One of the two women is trans and was intentionally put into holding with male prisoners.

3. At the end of week 4 of the protests outside her office D.A. Schubert responded to the protests saying the justice protest “would not be swayed” by the public outrage and erected a metal fence around her office, a piece of public property.

4. Meanwhile, not only have Officers Mercadal and Robinet not been charged they are still on duty. Chief Hahn does not even have the courage to suspend these officers for more than a few weeks despite them being caught on camera committing murder. When asked why the two officers would mute their cameras before the shooting, Hahn replied there are “several reasons” why an officer might mute his camera on duty, he then failed to actually list any.

Now let’s review, after 5 straight weeks of protests, instead of just listening to public demands for justice, Chief Hahn let two men who are on camera committing murder keep their jobs. Sacramento’s D.A. put up fences to ignore protesters, and Sacramento’s sheriff spread conspiracy theories. Meanwhile a woman was run over and two other women were arrested and harassed.

So after over a months of protests, getting caught running over protesters, arresting and discriminating against trans protesters, and god knows how many hours of blocked traffic, you would think that maybe just maybe it would be a little easier to just listen to the public, to fire and arrest Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet instead of making excuses for why you won’t do it.

But, you know, fuck me right? 🤷🏼‍♂️

It might just be easier for the public to replace the D.A. and Sheriff, both up for reelection this year. Primary voting starts on June 5th.

#Breaking: Sacramento DA puts up fence, Officers who killed Stephon Clark back on duty

Sacramento District Attorney Marie Ann Schubert responded to four weeks of protests outside her office by erecting a fence around the DA building. The protests were hosted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento demanding that the officers who shot Stephon Clark be fired and prosecuted. For the last two weeks the protests have taken the form of a public picnic that focused on feeding the community while demanding justice for black lives. Last Thursday two black women were arrested outside her office at one of these events, one of them endured abuse while in holding at the Sacramento County Jail because they were trans.

Schubert responded to the month of protests with a press conference saying she “would not be swayed” by public demonstrations.

News of the fence broke just hours after it became public that the officers who shot Stephon Clark, TERRENCE MERCADAL AND JARET ROBINET, have been allowed back on duty. Within 24 hours of that news breaking, Stephon Clark’s brother Stev’ante Clark was arrested and held without bail.

Stephon Clark marks the 22nd death by police violence since Schubert took office. No officer has been charged or prosecuted during that time.

Sacramento District Attorney To Be Given Award Despite Over 20 Incidents of Police Brutality and Helping Nazis

Sacramento District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert, up for reelection this year, was to receive an award at the West Steps of the California capital building today from a pro law enforcement group at approximately 10:30 a.m. PST.

This comes just weeks after the shooting of Stephon Clark whose death is what source say was the 22nd on record act of fatal police violence towards a black person in the Sacramento area since 2015. Zero members of the police force have been prosecuted. The same week as the Stephon Clark killing, Schubert accepted over $13,000 in campaign donations from police unions.

District Attorney Schubert, while forsaking the Stephon Clark case, is also pursuing charges against three antifascist protesters who acted in self defense when a Nazi stabbed people at a Sacramento pro Trump rally in June 2016. The Guardian has revealed that local police and her office were working with the Nazi’s to both protect the Nazi’s identities and build up the feeble case they have to prosecute the antifascists.

I am going to repeat that last bit, the top law enforcement agent in the city of Sacramento PROTECTED NAZIS, has prosecuted the police zero times, and today she was to receive an award.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento and it’s supporters were immediately on the scene at the capital enduring intimidation from CHP and Sacramento PD. Black Lives Matter Sacramento has maintained they will not let up on protests until Stephon Clark and others get justice. More actions are coming in the future.

This will mark the third straight week of protests since Stephon Clark, a 22 year old father of two, was shot to death by Sacramento Police in his own backyard.

Photo/Graphic credit – Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Protester Hit By Sac Sheriff SUV Caught on Video Getting Kicked Out of City Council, So What?

Newsradio KFBK 1530am released a video of Wanda Cleveland being ejected from a Sacramento City Council meeting over a year ago. Wanda Cleveland was the protester who was run down by a Sacramento Sheriff’s SUV at a vigil for Stephon Clark last Saturday.

So the question remains, why the hell does a year old video of an unrelated incident justify the Sacramento Sheriff running over a 61 year old woman? Trick question, it doesn’t.

Further I personally have been kicked out of Sacramento City Council meetings three out of the last 4 times I set foot in the chambers. The tone of people like Steve Hansen and Mayor Steinberg is so unbelievably pompous and out of touch that it is almost impossible not to lose your temper in those meetings. But more to the point Newsradio never mentioned that the cause for such outrage from people like Cleveland or myself has been acts of blatant ablism, racism, and classism by the Sacramento City Council and Police or Sheriff Departments.

The point is, yelling at a city council meeting is not justification for running over someone with an SUV at a peaceful vigil and you are a moron if you think it does.


KCRA 3 reporter Mike Luery recently released the following photo on twitter from the Sheriff’s Department claiming that protesters had broken the window of the vehicle. The Sacramento Sheriff Department is using this as the justification for running over a 61 year old woman at a vigil for Stephon Clark on Saturday March 31.

Immediately after the incident, the National Lawyers Guild released video of the accident which went viral. Several protesters took a picture of the SUV’s plates as it drove away and published them on social media.

The picture Luery posted is of the same vehicle and shows a broken window in the back. However one can see in the above photo that no window has been broken nor is one broken in any video released. If the photo was taken after the incident and as the SUV was leaving and shows the window in tact then that means protesters could not have been the ones to break it.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is releasing a falsified report to protect officers who committed a hit and run, a hit and run which took place at a vigil for another victim of police violence.

BREAKING: Sacramento Sheriff Run Down Protester With SUV At Vigil for Stephon Clark

At a vigil for Stephon Clark on Saturday March 31, 2018 at approximately 9pm a local activist was run down by a Sacramento Sheriff SUV. The protester has been rushed to the local trauma center for treatment.

As of 11pm protesters are still gathering. Black Lives Matter Sacramento is encouraging people to show up to the intersection of Florin and 65th Street.

The victim has been positively identified as a well known and befriended local activist, a white female between the ages of 50-60. Details of her current condition are yet unknown but friends of the victim have confirmed her identity.

The SUV made no attempt to stop after the incident.

This comes barely 24 hours after the Clark family released the results of a private autopsy they commissioned for Stephon. The autopsy revealed that Stephon had been hit 8 times out of the 20 shots which Officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet had fired. 6 of the 8 shots hit Stephon Clark in the back.

A picture of the plates on the SUV were taken and video of the incident went viral within minutes.

This marks the second straight week of protests where the City of Sacramento has demanded justice for Stephon Clark.