This Charge


This Charge,

This mockery of peace and


Why these chains?

Why these cells?

Why these wardens?

Why these overseers?

Is the human soul not

an inherent figure fixed

of man?

This is nothing that hasn’t

been said before.

If the day of judgement

is true, Fear not for

the victim’s but the evil’s


Pity is either a marker of

ego or heart.

Pity can be a punishment

all its own.



Die Not for No Country, or No Man


Fetch the strong


Prepare, prepare for


Stock pile your Beecher’s

Bibles and

Fill the shed wit


Stand and deliver

look at the whites of

his eyes as bayonet

enters his liver.

This is no time to cringe.

God is on our side

and god is with you.

You are the heroes

You are the victors

You are.  Do not show

doubt or fear.

Die not for your country,

but your enemy his.


Listen to this Moment and Every Moment: How all is and can be one.

What does it take to get the human mind to end its constant veracious speed?  The human mind is constantly active, constantly working in ways that even when we are aware of it we barely understand.  

Yet there is a problem.

Humans are effort minimizers and euphoria maximizers.  We want the reward but we don’t want to put forth the effort that comes with that reward.  

What do we all want?

We all want a society that transcends hate, that transcends the needs for self medication, for violence, for exploitation of both our planet and our fellow beings both human and non human.

We want to see a world where profit is meaningless, yes we all need profit to a degree in order to eat and survive but profit should be about what profits all of society as a whole, not just one individual.

Those who say they do not want these things are either in denial or they are the ones doing the exploiting, and sometimes its both at the same time.  These people don’t want to change things because they fear the change because they have something to lose in the change.  At least they think so.

As Marx said however, “You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

The same goes for sexual liberation and the one sided views of modern sexuality, we all want to be in touch with our sexuality and those who say they don’t are also in denial or exploiting sex for their own benefit.  They deny a gay couples right to marry so they can feel more established in their own concrete sexuality when concrete sexuality is an illusion, you are not more established in your own marriage because you deny marriage to others.  You simply are buying into the illusion of dichotomy.  The idea you have to feel “us against them” because you fear what unity with people as a whole would be like. This fear comes from the fact humans have never been truly united as one and because the idea of true unity, true peace is so foreign we cannot believe it is possible.

I am here to say it is possible.

I am here to say at this very moment, all of these moments of bigotry, exploitation, lethargy, and apathy can be stopped.  How can it be stopped you may ask?

I do not know, perhaps if I listen to what you have to say because you have listened to me we can create a dialogue and find out how to stop these matters?

There I think I found an answer, we need to just listen to each other more.  If we are right we will be proven so by the words themselves.  If we need to prove we are right the chances are we are more wrong than we can imagine.  

I have nothing to prove.

I know everything I have stated and every question I have asked to be true.  

If you disagree with me, tell me.

I will listen.

Because I will not grow, nor will the world around me grow, unless I listen to what you have to say.  When I listen I try to understand, when I try to understand I am more inclined to try to help.

If the same is not true for every human being, then there is a greater problem that we as humans have yet to acknowledge.

The Caravan is Off Once Again



It is no matter

That on this morrow

A field of weary

travelers did reach

their destination

in the slightest haste.

The road rough

and the current strong.

They did land in a

merciful mecca,

a shelter of marble

next to one of stone.

Brought about on liquor and botanical


The caravan is off once

again on this road,

the rough road and

the strong current

To which a brother’s life

was taken.


Forgotten, or Ignored?

Draconian Fuckups

have no place in a

“small government”

“big fascist”


Those who bare no burden

have no pain.

And therefore nothing

to gain.

Pain is profit, profit is


To gain one must lost

and so on.

There is no longer a point

in rambling about teachings

long forgotten.


Are they forgotten or


My Pen

Come now my pen!

My pen, you shall be

my valiant sword

you shall be my chivalrous


Oh sweet pen, speak

out upon my rage,

my fear,

my love,

my desire.

Run my pen along this

dead page.

Be the source my pay,

my life

my peace.

Tell the tale I cannot

my pen.

Do the job I do not want.




Rhetorical Questions

Do we call to arms our

great minds for the sake

of their minds?

Do we not sit upon

thrones made of African

machine guns?

Are these thrones not

sitting in the Louvre

or the British Museum?

Does vanity become

a bi product of consciousness,

or consciousness a bi product

of vanity?

Are we slaves to our emotions?

Or are our emotions slaves

to us?

Are we ever going to find an


Or, is there no answer

to find?



Wicked destruction,

Wicked self destruction,

Wicked self destruction

that would make Fydor


Sanity is having the

good fortune that other

people have the same problems.

Good fortune is luck

luck is rare.

Rare because we

forget we have control

we forget we have control

because we give up control.

We must take back control


False Label of Savage

Savage that which is

the nature of rebellion

is that of truth

nor structure.

Savage, Exotic

Savage, the nobel


What you find is no


I stand before you,

audience to this scene,

bare word to this


to this rest.

Savage is that

rest, in the black

heart of the jungle,

the rest of the

savage non savage.

So to which that

can only be of peace,

only what can be

of rest.



Traded Grey


Coming yet is the set of night,

the yellow of light

is traded grey.

Simple so it seems yet intricate

beyond any dream.

Explications searched,

and explications sought.


and also bought.


Sweet Words

Sweet Words,

Reach in stare

and flight.

The hallow trickle of

the creek,

Oh beautiful voice.

So many of clutter

and noise.

Foul Paranoia,

and March on.


The Rival of Gloucester


I cannot predict

What will happen to

the save haven.

A few good men defend

the rival of Gloucester.

But many fail and revel

in the tower.

It was the fate of poor and rich,

the princes and thieves,

political murder the culprit


The Hall of Mirrors – Versailles








Look at these Gallant Halls,

These gold suns

These marks of stolen




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