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I think magazines and newspapers are due for a comeback.
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On not giving a sh*t (poem)

I don’t give a shit

what people think of me.

That’s not a very poetic way to put it.

But it’s the truth.

I don’t care that you judge me.

I don’t care that you have opinions of me,

or hot takes or criticisms.

I don’t care that you gossip about me

or tease me or mock me when I’m not around

to defend myself.

I don’t care that my poetry

isn’t “for everyone.”

I don’t care if you hate me, or my words

or my work.

I don’t care if you attack me,

brutilize me,

smear me,

beat me.

I’ve been through it all before,

and I still don’t care.

I care so little

that I wrote a whole damn poem about it.

I’m Weary, but I Can’t Rest

I’m weary, but I can’t rest.

I can’t sleep on an empty belly.

I can’t relax when I haven’t earned it.

I can’t slow down, until the world

stops burning down.

I can’t breath, until everyone can breath,

and not just breath but breath deeply

and free.

I’m weary, so weary,

but I can’t rest.

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