Fellow Class Warriors, Despair is Not an Option

Friends, Comrades, Berners, and My Dear Readers;

I know things look rough at the moment, we are not sweeping the elections like we hoped we would and the media is doing everything in their power to squash our spirits, to make us give up and accept Biden as our fate.

I know that we are tired and weary, and sick of the up hill battles we keep having to fight in this election.

The moderates and the establishment are telling Bernie to drop out, that our movement is failing, and that we should give up now because Biden has won a few of the primaries.

I know that it is disheartening, even disillusioning, to see a candidate who has no ground game and a problematic past be crowned as an inevitable victor by an out of touch elitist class. I know our feet are sore from walking from door to door and our hearts are broken from hearing so many tragic tails of rationed insulin, sky rocketing rents, and career crushing student loans.

I know it is maddening to see the media and our misinformed Boomer relatives say things about Bernie that are genuinely, factually, and mathematically not true. That his loss is inevitable, that he is either racist or sexist, that Trump is somehow his and our fault.

We are so tired of it all.

I am here to tell you something though, it may sound harsh, it may sound like I am being mean, but it needs to be said.

Buck up soldier!

This is class war, and in war you may lose a battle or two, but you do not surrender until the last soldier falls, and you hold your head up high until the end when you can crush your enemy once and for all.

We want this to be easier than it is or has been because we are sick, dying, panicking about our burning Earth and weary from living day to day, paycheck to paycheck. We want this to be easy because we have put in so much work, made so many calls, sacrificed so much time.

When we see someone like Bernie who has been so consistent, so integral, so engaging to the electorate, so ready to be on the right side of history, even when it’s not a popular side to be on, not be anointed with the highest office in our government but instead be smeared by people who will never in their lives understand the degree of privilege they have, it is heartbreaking, especially when we see them rally behind a genuine racist and senile sexist like Joe Biden.

But let us remember a few things that I think will help put this all into perspective;

Neither Bernie nor Biden has half of the delegates needed to lock the nomination, and there are 26 states left to vote, including New York and Pennsylvania.

Votes and delegates are still being counted in California and multiple counties in Texas are doing recounts.

Biden and Bernie are about to debate each other, ALONE! Just Biden and Bernie! The DNC is so nervous about it that they actually announced there will be no live audience at this debate. Biden will have to go against Bernie alone, no Klobuchar, Pete, or Bloomberg to hide behind

And this is the part I really want us to remember, because while I am sympathetic to the doom and gloom, I genuinely think we are really being pathetic if we give up just because a few out of touch pundits and capitalist party insiders are telling us to.

Here is some more perspective for you;

Nelson Mandela had to wait 27 years until he could live as a free man.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Freedom Riders were dragged and beaten by angry mobs with baseball bats.

How many times were the police and thugs called out to beat down striking laborers until unions got respect in this country?

Did the suffragettes not suffer beatings and rape just to cast a ballot one day?

Nothing historic or revolutionary ever happened easily. Many Freedom Fighters who came before us have endured much more than we will ever be capable of imagining, and you are telling me we are going to call it quits after a couple of primaries didn’t go our way?

No, that is not what this movement is about. I may be tired and weary, but I am not one to surrender to the likes of the capitalist class, I am not one to bend to their whim nor one to swallow their rhetoric.

They say go away, I say no way!

Bernie has never given up, why the hell would you?

Buck up soldier, this is class war, if we can’t handle a few primary losses, then the boomers are right, we are too soft.

I refuse to validate that fodder. You may be hurt and tired, but I am here today to say you are also strong, and you need to muster up every drop of that strength now.

To quote our dear Brother Cornel West, “Don’t be afraid of despair. Those who have never known despair have never lived!”

Do not fear the despair, use it as fuel, and carry onward like the Class Warrior and Freedom Fighter I know you are!

Bill Palmer, the Worst Liberal Hack on Twitter

Bill Palmer, political “analyist” and blogger, is one of, if not the most, insufferable “writers” to ever disgrace the twittersphere.

His contrived blog, The Palmer Report, masquerades as journalism when it is in fact nothing but unorignial lazy slaps against an easy target (Trump) and a continued intellecutalization (if it can so be called) as to why the Democrats need to stop Bernie, putting this “Democrat” in company with the likes of Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol.

First of all, I do not know who still needs to hear this, but “Donald Trump is bad,” is not a radical nor cutting edge take.

Palmer also uses his blog to perpetuate disproven conspiracy theories about the 2016 election. He blames Russia for the low voter turnout, to the point he actually claims Russia rigged the numbers!

The thing is, we’re getting very close to learning from Robert Mueller just how Trump and Russia altered the the 2016 election result. In fact we already have a big piece of it from the Senate.Palmer Report, November 18, 2018

Later in this same article, Palmer doubles down on the hopes that Mueller would be the nations savior;

Mueller will expose that not only did Donald Trump not really win the 2016 election, he and his campaign committed a form of treason by conspiring with the Russians to rig the results. Palmer Report, November 18, 2018

Yes, Russia interefered in 2016, but not only did Mueller’s report NOT confirm any of Palmer’s claims, to blame Russia for everything arong in the 2016 election is a nearsighted take that erases the painful material reality of the working class. People didn’t vote in 2016 because of disillusionment with a corrupt, oligarchical system. The American oligarchy is not even on Palmer’s radar.

Palmer not only stands by his idiotic Russia theories but he doubles down on them, claiming the popular vote numbers were “rigged and manipulated” as if it was not possible for people not to turn out to vote, which is the fact, it has been proven that the real winner of the 2016 election was neither Trump nor Clinton, it was not voting.

He has posted multiple articles about Russian interference, all of them based on conjecture, a conjecture which he masquerades as sound political analysis.

Liberals have another term for this, fake news.

Yes, liberals are guilty of fake news to, and Bill Palmer is proof.

Palmer is also bad at math.

Thanks to his thirty point massive blowout win in South Carolina last night, Joe Biden is now in the driver’s seat in the Democratic primary race. Palmer Report March 1, 2020

Umm Bill, Bernie won the first 3 primaries in a row and the entire state of California, the worlds 4th largest economy. For someone so obsessed with “fake news” you would think he would be capable of acknowledging the truth.

Palmer is not only a bad writer and with a reductionist analysis, he is a narcissist. His twitter bio is “Political analysis ahead of the curve,” yet all of his blogs articles read like they were written by 13 year olds who watch the news for a social studies project.

Not only this, Palmer will continuelly retweet the people who retweet his own articles, meaning he will retweet the same article he just posted multiple times in a row, as if he needs to brag about getting retweeted, and they are always articles about junk that does not need analysis. We do need some schmuck to tell us why Donald Trump is bad and why the Democrats shouldnt nominate the guy who is actually winning the popular vote.

People like Bill Palmer hold back the left, they bastardize what the working class is fighting for and they intellecutalize why they are right about everything instead of humbling themselves to listen to the material needs of the working class. Palmer does not care about feeding the poor or providing us with health care, no, his privileged white ass wants us to believe that it is okay for the democratic party to interfere with the election of the clear front runner of the popular vote and that all the nations woes will heal when Trump is gone.

The man is a hack, an opprotunist, and overall, a bastard. His content is pathetic, his analysis is lazy, and all in all he is a waste of space. If you follow him on twitter, stop, if you give money to his website, cut off the funds, all you are doing is giving validation to an over priveleged man who thinks that he should speak to the electorate instead of listening to them.

Bill Palmer, you are a terrible writer, a delusional narcissist, and a waste of space on twitter, you need to find a new job.

Why is Warren Losing?

Elizabeth Warren is on track to lose the presidential primary in her home state of Massachusetts, and she is on track to lose the popular vote overall. She finished 4th in Iowa and New Hampshire and 5th in South Carolina. In Nevada, a state that is 50% non white, Warren never got higher than 8% support from people of color.

Let us also not forget the biggest campaign promise she broke, accepting Super-PAC money.

Also, since Bernie became the front-runner Warren has gone on the offensive and in turn offended people from wanting to support her campaign. She tried to smear Bernie as sexist and attacked his supporters, only to tank in the polls.

But what is killing her campaign is her willingness to let super delegates steal the election from Bernie.

Warren was a strong front-runner before she went on the offensive against Sanders, and the more she goes on the offensive and resorts to establishment politics the faster she falls and the faster she loses her progressive street cred.

Why is Warren making so many awful political decisions? Why does she think people want her to pursue a brokered convention? Why does she keep thinking that attacking Sanders will help her? Why is she making all the wrong chess moves?

The answer lies in her staff.

If you are wondering why Warren is making all the wrong moves, it is because she is listening to all the wrong people.

Warren has hired multiple people who were apart of the debacle that was the 2016 Clinton campaign, the same people who told Hillary she did not need to campaign hard in battleground states, the same people who told Hillary to be on the offensive with Sanders, these are the same people now whispering in Elizabeth Warren’s ear “No, of course they would support a brokered convention.” And “Go after Sanders, you need to bring him down if you want to win.”

Here are just some of the former Clinton people that Warren has hired.

Liz Wester – Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Political Director.

Janice Rottenberg – Regional organizing director for the Clinton campaign as well as director of the Ohio Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign for Clinton. If you recall, Ohio is one of the states Clinton neglected that went to Trump (He won 80 out of 88 counties).

Richard McDaniel – Warren’s nation organizing director and Hillary Clinton’s primary states regional director, he was also the field director for conservative Democrat Doug Jones.

Tracey Lewis – DNC figurehead and head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, while I find no record of her working for Clinton, their twitter profile is one with the long dead #StillwithHer tag and both the DNC and DSCC have long put up the resistance to pushing the party farther left.

Roger Lau – Warren’s campaign manager, he actually was a state director for Clinton’s campaign for president in 2008, another losing campaign! This might also explain Warren’s strategy to stay in to gain delegates until a brokered convention. In 2008 Clinton pursued a similar strategy, when it was clear Obama would be the nominee Clinton, stubbornly, stayed in the race hoping to gain enough delegates for a brokered convention. It should be no surprise that a campaign staffed by people who used this strategy before would advise their candidate to do it again.

So if you can’t figure out why Warren, a person who once marketed themselves as a progressive and Bernie’s “friend” would shift away from progressive messaging, look no further than the people she hired to run her campaign.

Remember what Buddha said, “To judge someone, look no further than the company they keep.”

The Professional Protester’s Super Tuesday Endorsements – California

Here is the list of my endorsements for the California Primary Election happening on March 3rd, 2020. I am a proud Californian who lives in Sacramento, it is important to note that I cannot vote for all of these individuals myself but I encourage all voters who read this to vote for these candidates wherever possible.


President – Bernie Sanders Because… well, in case you can’t tell from previous posts, I kind of like the guy. Lol.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles District Attorney – Rachel Rossi

At the recommendation of my favorite sex work author, Siouxsie Q James, I recommend voting for Rachel Rossi. Rossi is a public defender with a track record of standing up for black lives and she demonstrates the most nuance out of the field of candidates on issues vital to progressive values, such as sexwork. I lived in L.A. for three years, I miss it, I want what is best for it, and I want the incompetent monster that is Jackey Lacey to be out of work ASAP. I do wish Rossi was further left and do not agree with her on all issues, but we cannot allow the immoral and incompetent tenure of Lacey to continue. I recommend voting for Rossi for Los Angeles District Attorney.

Sacramento (My home town)

Sacramento City Council District 4 – Katie Valenzuela

Katie is a qualified candidate who supports rent control, a vital issue in Sacramento, and has the endorsement of multiple organizations, such as ACCE and my own DSA chapter. Katie has extensive experience organizing her community and a professional level understanding of community land trusts, which could serve as a vital instrument in ending the Sacramento rent crisis. Katie also has the endorsement of Sacramento county’s Democratic Party, something her opponent, incumbent Steve Hansen, does not. In fact it should be noted that Steve Hansen was expelled from the Sacramento County Democratic Party because he endorsed Republican District Attorney Anne Schubert, the woman responsible for letting off the officers who killed Stephon Clark. I whole heartedly endorse Katie.

Sacramento County Democratic Party Central Committee – Ian Lee

Ian is a personal friend of mine and one who I cannot recommend enough for this position, he is running on a slate of candidates (called the Progressive Labor Alliance) to infiltrate the Democratic party with pro-labor, class oriented progressives. I voted for the whole slate but I give my personal endorsement to Ian Lee more than anyone else, especially since I signed the petition to get his name on the ballot. Ian Lee is a professional labor organizer who has been on the front lines of the fight in more ways than I am capable of describing. He was a part of the historic Occupy UC Davis camp where he was brutally attacked by police, and I can honestly say he has done many favors for the Sacramento DSA chapter to the point that we would not have a chapter without his efforts and contributions. If I could only vote for one person on the slate, it would be Ian Lee. It should be noted that you can only vote for Lee if you are receiving a Democratic Party ballot.

San Fransisco

Congressional District 12 – Shahid Buttar

Shahid Buttar is another DSA member and the first candidate to challenge Nancy Pelosi for office to have an actual chance at defeating her. His politics are solid, his campaign is well run and does its homework, he is an adamant Bernie supporter and supports the issues that speak to the electorates material needs; he is pro medicare for all, pro green new deal, and is running a truly intersectional campaign. I cannot think of a better representative for San Fransisco than Shahid.

Dear Left/Alt Media : Give David Wright Work

ABC reporter David Wright has been suspended after right wing propaganda group, Project Veritas, released a heavily edited video of him criticizing his network’s lack of journalistic integrity and for admitting that he is a socialist.

Wright was recorded without his knowledge, this would not be the first time Project Veritas arranged a sting against journalists under false pretenses.

ABC announced that when Wright returns, he will be moved away from political coverage, despite his Peabody Award and commendable coverage of war-zones like Afghanistan and Darfur.

Journalists from all ends of the political spectrum are objecting to the suspension, most pointing out that there is nothing wrong with having private opinions as a journalist. For ABC to cow to a line of neutrality based on a video from an organization that is anything but neutral is an act of cowardice, especially in the eyes of journalists.

As a victim of heavily edited right wing attacks (google James Jackson DSA convention then enjoy the Fox News fodder against me) I sympathize whole heartedly with the situation, and I implore all left leaning and alternative medias to consider employing David Wright.

Wright is being robbed of his job for having a personal opinion and for speaking truth to power, in a conversation he did not consent to having recorded. More importantly he was suspended for challenging ABCs coverage of the election and for admitting he is a socialist.

Wright needs solidarity right now, and the left needs more mainstream journalists to come into our fold and bring our message to the masses.

The ultimate act of solidarity would be for outlets like Democracy Now, Means TV, or Status Coup to employ Wright. Wright is one of the first victims of a brewing new Red Scare, and the smears on socialists will only continue as Bernie gains power.

We cannot let an unethical group like Project Veritas receive this level of validation, we cannot let ABC get away with firing people for having opinions go unchallenged, and we as socialists have a duty to stand in solidarity with other socialists.

I implore all leftist and alternative media to consider giving David Wright work during his suspension. Wright deserves better than this.

Why Bernie’s Nelson Mandela Mic Drop Last Night Was Genius!

Last night was the last Democratic Party debate before Super Tuesday. It was held in South Carolina and tickets to the event cost an average of $1750. Needless to say, the crowd was not on Bernie’s side that night.

Yet despite a hostile crowd and attacks from all directions, I think Bernie proved why he is the front runner. Because while all of the other candidates clamored for attention, Bernie kept his cool and played the political chess he is so good at.

Bernie has been getting attacked recently for complementing the Cuban Literacy Program, saying nothing worse than what Obama had said in 2008, Bernie simply pointed out that while Castro was a dictator, the Cuban government was successful in reducing illiteracy to 3%.

Bernie did not back down from the position either, he kept his cool and stood by his statements.

The real checkmate of the evening though was Bernie’s answer to the last question of the night, “What is your personal motto?”

Bernie, ever the subtle politcal chess master, dropped a very popular, widely memed Nelson Mandela quote, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

First of all, copping to my bias here, I love Nelson Mandela. He is one of my political heroes and one of the reasons I got the word “Invictus,” the title of his favorite poem and mine, tattooed on my arm. So of course I am going to be excited when the candidate I have followed since Occupy is giving Mandela a shout out.

But, here is why Bernie dropping a Mandela quote at the end of that debate was a move of politcal genius:

As mentioned above, Bernie has been getting attacked for complimenting the Cuban Literacy Program. It came from all angles on the stage, and from random pundits on twitter who weren’t going to vote for Bernie anyway.

However, because I know the nature of the Democrats who support people like Warren or Biden, I know for a fact at some point most of them will have shared some cliche inspiration porn memes, and you know at least one of them had a Mandela quote.

Here is where it get’s spicy; Mandela was not only pro Cuba, he was pro-Castro. In a debate where Bernie was constantly attacked for praising Castro, even though he didn’t, Bernie dropped a quote from one of the most pro-Castro world leaders to hold power.

It was a move so subtle and understated it will probably go unnoticed by the majority of people. But, once people start doing their research, and start coming across blog posts like mine 😉 eventually they will see that the man that they love to quote was in fact more adamently pro-Castro than Bernie ever could be.

So all you Mandela loving Warren Lads and Biden Boys who have polluted your Facebook with his quotes cut to a meme of some landscape in a place Mandela probably never actually visited, you who are probably the same ones leaping on Bernie for saying what Obama said about Cuba, you, it is you will have to reconcile with the fact that the man you love to fetishize and whose legacy you whitewash was more radical than Bernie is ever capable of being.

We all want to believe our candidate wins the debates we watch them in, but I am convinced that dropping the Mandela reference in a debate that revolved around Cuba and Castro was check, checkmate, and game over. Bernie is now president.

What else should I have expected from the “Amendment King” who displaced the GOP from two political offices they held for a century, all without the Democratic Party apparatus. I shouldn’t be surprised that he is not only an integral politician, but a very crafty one.

If Bernie can drop subtle wins in a debate stacked against him, he can handle a public tantrum that will be his debate with the cry baby in chief.

And just for context, here is how Mandela felt about Cuba:

The Time Has Come For A Workers Party, It’s Time to Join DSA

You can intellectualize your hesitancy to join the organization as much as you want but you cannot ignore the reality of our democracy-less “democratic party.”

In the debate before the Nevada 2020 primary, all candidates but one admitted that they are fine with super-delegates picking the nomination. The one candidate to say the people should pick the nominee was, of course, Bernie Sanders.

If Bernie Sanders is robbed of the nomination by the DNC then it will be the death of the “democratic” party, a death that is long overdue.

Comrades, we can continue to agitate the democrats but the fact cannot be ignored that an alternative to the democratic party is not only possible but necessary. Bernie Sanders has done most of what he has done without declaring party allegiance. Bernie has operated as an independent the majority of his career, proving that one can succeed in this politcal realm outside of the capitalist DNC. But that final question in the debate is proof that we need an alternative to the DNC.

We need a mass, working class party. There is only one organization whose goal is to build a mass movement, intersectionally oriented party for the workers, and that is the Democratic Socialists of America.

There is another fact we must face, a workers party is not going to come about magically. It will not be conjured out of thin air. It is going to take pain, blood, sweat, discomfort, and tears. It is going to take work to build, and it is on us to build it. We, the masses, the workers, must take the initiative of change, we cannot wait for it to come from on high.

This is why it is time for you to join DSA. A workers party will not come to fruition unless we make it so. If you want to bring about the long overdue end of the democratic party, then the best and quickest way is to join DSA.


Click to join DSA!

Bernie Is Now The Front Runner, But We Still Have Work To Do

Fellow Berners. Fellow DSA canvassers. Fellow intersectional feminists. Fellow environmentalists.


After losing in 2016, five years of gaslighting by the establishment, and a primary season filled with smears and centrism, Bernie Sanders is now the front runner in the Democratic Party Primary.

Bernie won the popular vote in Iowa and won New Hampshire despite a crowded field of candidates that could have split the vote against him.

Yet he prevailed, and prevailed for two reasons. 1. Bernie’s policies speak to the material needs of the working class and 2. We campaigned our asses off for him.

My twitter is filled with DSA members and Bernie volunteers telling the heart warming tales of the their experiences, knocking on doors, talking to the people about what is important to them, getting them to show up and vote. My DSA chapter is growing by the day because our members, old and new, are eager to go door to door and talk about Bernie.

Now, even MSNBC has to admit that Bernie is winning. Newsweek released a story just days ago that Bernie has the most P.O.C. support out of any candidate, putting to death the idiotic “Bernie Bro” argument.

Comrades and Berners, we did that!

However, while winning New Hampshire is something to celebrate, we cannot allow ourselves to assume that we have won the class war. Bernie is now the front runner, but the nomination is anything but locked.

The longer the other candidates stay in the race, the less delegates Bernie will get from each state, even when he wins the popular vote. This increases the odds of a contested convention, which increases the odds that our old friends in the DNC will nominate a rat like Buttigieg or an abusive boss like Klobuchar.

We also have a new enemy emerging from the pit that is U.S. politics. Mike Bloomberg, the slightly more polite version of Donald Trump, is trying to buy the nomination. Bloomberg is hiring staffers at a very competitive pay rate, spending millions on ad time, and is hiring influencers to increase his social media presence. Also, Bloomberg is focusing on states that are likely to help Bernie the most, such as my home state of California.

Bloomberg’s campaign in many ways is laughable. We can laugh at the oligarch who thinks he can just buy an election, but remember the last time we thought it was laughable for a billionaire to just buy the presidency, well, we all know who is president now right?

Bloomberg is blatantly trying to buy the Democratic nomination, and sadly, he might succeed if we take the rest of the election for granted. Bloomberg has quickly risen to third place in several polls, despite the constant revelations about his, problematic (and that is putting it lightly) past.

Even though Bernie is the front-runner we cannot assume he has the nomination locked, not while the looming threat of another oligarch hijacking the election exists. Do not shrug off Bloomberg, and above all, do not think we can slow down our campaigning.

Bernie won New Hampshire and we should celebrate, but then we need to cure our hangovers and get back to work. Knock on doors, call and text everyone we know, post about Bernie ;-), and above all, VOTE!

Socialism is now the front runner, let’s show the world why it’s going to win.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Warren

Warren supporters, hear me out.

I know you want to see a woman president. I know that Warren has sucked you in with promises of plans and a folksy, Americana appeal. I know she has held her head high against Trump’s misogyny and as a woman in politics, misogyny in general.

I know she has a great populist slant to her rhetoric. I know she fulfills your fantasies about American capitalism being regulated and equitable.

I say everything I am about to say as someone who once respected Warren, you can actually go through my blog to see that I did once see her as a voice of the people. I was once impressed with her progressivism and her support for Occupy. That is where my fondness from her stemmed, she was one of the few people to acknowledge and validate the sentiments of Occupy, as did Bernie Sanders.

Then I woke the fuck up, and I am pleading with all of you to end your self inflicted tunnel vision, and accept the reality that I have accepted.

Warren is not the progressive she sold herself to be.

Here are ten reasons to stop supporting Liz Warren:

1. Liz Warren claims she helped people as a bankruptcy lawyer, but the Washington Post revealed that as an attorney she helped DOW Chemical minimize lawsuit settlement payouts to women who were poisoned by silicon breast implants. I’m going to repeat that in all caps for emphasis. LIZ WARREN WAS PAID BY DOW CHEMICAL TO PAY POISONED WOMEN AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

2. Liz Warren validated right wing and racist talking points by lying about being indigenous her whole life AND she validated those talking points when she took that stupid DNA test. Warren might as well have said she believes in eugenics when she did that. I know several of you defend her on this point, “It was an honest mistake.” Well even if that is true, impact matters more than intentions, I have accepted that and so should other white leftists.

3. Liz Warren admires world leaders like Angela Merkel. Just so you know, Merkel is ON VIDEO telling a crying middle eastern girl why she has to be deported.

4. Warren has no excuse for misrepresenting the conversation she had with Bernie Sanders. Smearing someone who has been nothing but an ally as a willful agent of the patriarchy is dirty politics and it bastardizes the Believe Women movement.

5. Warren helped create the Trump presidency. Look, by now we all have to admit Bernie would have won in 2016, even if you don’t like Bernie (though I will say if you don’t like Bernie there is probably something seriously wrong with your competency). Warren could have shifted the 2016 primary in a big way had she chosen to endorse Bernie, who she had more inline with politically at that time and could have killed the Bernie Bro rhetoric. However she choose politcal cowardice, she made no endorsement until the race was reaching its conclusion and as a result the BERNIE BRO myth has lasted well into 2020, erasing hundreds of thousands of women and people of color.

Those who denyed us our first chance to have Bernie gave us Trump, Warren is one of those people.

6. Warren gave Donald Trump a standing ovation! This really should be number one. Giving a fascist a standing ovation should immediatly disqualify someone from political office. I genuinely do not understand why you are willing to forgive Warren for that if so many of you are as anti Trump as you claim to be.

7. Warren is by definition not a progressive because of her funding plan for M4A. She supports a regressive head tax to fund it, not a progressive payroll tax. You literally cannot call yourself a progressive if you dont support progressive policy, that is kinda the whole point of using the word progressive.

8. She lied about her tenure in the GOP. Her excuse for being a republican until 1994 was that she wasn’t politcally active, but we literally have her on tape giving speeches to conservative organizations like the Federalist Society.

By the way, if it was true she wasnt politically active as a republican, this means she stood on the sidelines during Civil Rights, Watergate, Roe v Wade, and the AIDS crisis. Either way, she was still a part of the problem.

9. Warren doesn’t do her research. At the last debate before Iowa she claimed she was the only candidate to beat an incumbent repbulican for her office in the last 30 years. Bernie quickly pointed out she was 100% wrong. Further, each elected office that Bernie won was held by a republican for almost a century.

10. Warren gave Donald Trump a standing ovation. I know I already wrote that one down but I feel like that’s an important one worth repeating. No one who gives Donald Trump a standing ovation for anything will ever have my respect.

The real Warren and the Warren that progressives are in love with are not the same person. Folks, I implore you, do your research, then vote for Bernie Sanders.

Why All Activists and Organizers Should Meditate

I have written multiple pieces about how I witness cliquish behavior when I am organizing. Whether it be in labor unions, non profits, or in DSA, I see cliques being formed in every space I organize.

What is frustrating about this is how I keep seeing everyone accuse everyone else of the exact same behavior they are guilty of. Everytime I see someone in my organizing spaces complain about another group being cliquish or toxic, they go ahead and behaive in the exact same way and vice versa. Everyone is guilty of the behavior everyone is accusing everyone else of, and I’m just sitting here pulling my hair out by the roots going, “WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!? HOW ARE NONE OF YOU SEEING THIS!?”

Then it hit me. I have realize that a lot of the social anxieties and paranoias and cliquish caucusing that arises when organizing the working class can be narrowed down to a simple reality, there is not enough self reflection by organizers!

Some will respond their is plenty of self reflection in organizations like DSA because there is always constant self criticism. I think every activist and organizer can agree that most of us on the left are quicker to think of things we can do better than we are to count our victories and successes. However, self criticism is not the same as self reflection.

Self cricticism is the ego reflecting on what it knows in the tangible, physical world. Self reflection is the result of collecting one’s thoughts, of taking control of ones breathing, letting go, and letting the thoughts come to you instead of actively seeking them out. That is the real difference, self criticism is a scavenger hunt discussion about a single event or issue in order to actively correct or improve ones behavior, self reflection is merely the collection and acknowledgement of one’s thoughts and feelings.

In other words, self criticism is an active thought process, but self reflection is the practice of mindfulness.

The best way to self reflect is to meditate, to stop and focus only on your breath and let the thoughts come to you instead of seeking them out is the key to epiphany.

Meditation is an experience that can be calming, explosively transcendental, or both at the same time. When you only focus on breathing your mind is free to wander to its own places, and in those places you will reflect on your position, your class power, your organization, but unlike self criticism you do not reflect on what those thoughts mean or what their effect is, while meditating you simply acknowledge the thought but you stay with your breath.

Through meditation one can self reflect, and when one self reflects not only is one able to calm anxieties but their own attitiudes and behaviors are able to be acknowledged. Self criticism can only point out behavior that can be improved, self reflection allows one to acknowledge themselves on their own terms. The best avenue of self reflection is meditation.

The more leftists and organizers meditate, the more we can self reflect, the more we self reflect the more we can, for lack of a better term, calm the fuck down and start working with each other instead of turning into a bunch of cliquish teens!

In order to stop being so factional, we must be more self reflective, we can criticize ourselves and each other after we have acknowledged our own thoughts.

Capitalism Does Not Breed Innovation

Two words, purple ketchup.

They say that capitalism breeds creative innovation, that the free market allows for free thinking and in turn, creative freedom.

This “creative freedom” gave the world things like the Rejuvanique Face Mask, purple ketchup, and let us not forget the abysmal, “Cybertruck.”

I have no idea who reading this blog would need to hear this, but capitalism does not breed innovation, because people are inherently creative by nature and that natural creativity is what breeds our innovation, nothing more. In other words, people inherently breed innovation, not the systems which control people.

There is also this dated toxic notion that socialist states have never contributed to human innovation, as if places like the Soviet Union were nothing but backwards wastelands and not a world superpower with a gross domestic product equal to that of the United States.

The Rejuvenique face mask literally electrocuted your face and was sold as a cure for wrinkles.

This is not a defense of state socialism by the way, it is just important to note that socialist states like the USSR did infact contribute to the realm of innovation as any capitalist state has. The USSR gave us film school, theramins, anti air bomber tanks, medical procudures for broken bones, space suits, and more innovations to nuclear power than any other nation besides the U.S.

Dispel the myth from your head that it is the systems which breed innovation, innovation is a human quality, not a systemic one.

That said, there are systems that would encourage innovation more than others. Capitalism shakles innovation in a top down fashion. “You want funds for your invention? How will it profit me?”

In a socialist society, innovation would never be dependant on the good will of financial backers like the military or corporations. We would just be free to invent and create, especially if we did not have to worry about how we pay for health insurance, rent, or debt payments.

People are the innovaters, not capitalism.

Behind Closed Doors, A Poem

More goes on behind closed doors

Than you shall ever know.

Yes, corruption and malfeasance

But that is not what I mean.

Behind closed doors,

An abused partner cries.

Behind closed doors

A child’s dream is denied,

Because Mommy got fired.

Behind closed doors

A young man cleans up his Grandmother’s urine

Just like she did for him

When he was a baby.

Behind closed doors

More goes on than you will ever know.

No one is God, no one sees it all.

So be kind.

No one can see

Behind closed doors.

Why I Do Not Go to Indivisible Protests

Recently I saw in my Facebook timeline an ad for an anti-war event hosted by the local Indivisible chapter. The event was a “protest” against the escalation of violence that can, and will lead to war with Iran.

The following is an actual quote from their page:

While it is nice to know Indivisible is anti war, this epitomizes why I am not a liberal.

I will be blunt, as is my nature, you are not protesting if you are not disrupting the flow of capital. A few days ago I marched with DSA and Answer Coalition to protest the aggression against Iran and we did what protesters are supposed to do, we disrupted peoples lives. There was a die in in front of a Sacramento Kings game and before that we blocked traffic at “multiple intersections, forcing people to hear the message, “NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR.”

That, my comrades, is a protest.

Let me be quite clear, a protest without confrontation is not a protest, and a protest that gets permits to march in the streets is a parade.

Doing nothing but holding signs on the sidewalk is nothing more than self validation of your own beliefs.

The war in Vietnam did not stop because protesters played nice like this. They occupied recruitment and administration buildings. They got loud and forced people to watch the news clips of children being napalmed.

There is nothing revolutionary about being polite in the face of injustice. If you are not protesting in a revolutionary manner you are not protesting, period.

As the kids like to say, don’t @ me.

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