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We have a huge wave of people who both can’t shut the fuck up and are blatantly uninterested in anything that challenges their dumbass, sexist, nationalist narratives.
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The Weekly Protest – 2022 | The Weekly Protest by James J Jackson on Patreon

Can we just be honest, 99% of what gets published sucks.  Most poets suck.  Most poems suck.  Hell, most novels suck!  Sure, there are some gems, and I hope to be one of them.

No, I will be one of them.
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Dec 24, 2021

Merry Christmas.

Santa, I don’t want presents this year.

For Christmas this year, I want to write books.

I’m tired of begging on Patreon.

I’m tired of the “starving artist” cliches.

I’m sick of the grind, I’m sick of the hours,

I’m sick of celebrities talking to me about power.

I want to write books.

Santa baby,

slide on down the chimney,

so I can write a book about.

Bring me a typewriter,

yes, a type writer, and an ashtray, and some scotch.

Bring me all the good cliches.

I want to write books.


for Christmas this year, let me write a book.

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