So are the thoughts that did bring such ideas

Free, Free Dare are so the words, So are the thoughts that did bring such ideas Only to be wasted and erased. By too serious word of market call and pathetic swindle beacon. And question beg, beg in such pathetic notion Plea such pathetic overture. Drunken landlords freedom stolen in its right day. It is.Continue reading “So are the thoughts that did bring such ideas”

Sleep New Now and Old Relic

Sleep New now on with another repetitive motion, another due song. Another on demand stage. No home but the heart for the holidays. No truth to the wasted patience What deserves this deja vu? This Brutal question Forgotten lingo with music’s new slang. This word It is nothing It is everything I say yes IContinue reading “Sleep New Now and Old Relic”

Chance stream of Consciousness and Chants.

Other urban dessert and over crowded chatter on the scene. Chants of a forgotten of an unneeded, of a faulted, of a fateless vapor on the threads of suburban reck and entertainment by another televised chant. 6/10/11