The Caravan is Off Once Again

  It is no matter That on this morrow A field of weary travelers did reach their destination in the slightest haste. The road rough and the current strong. They did land in a merciful mecca, a shelter of marble next to one of stone. Brought about on liquor and botanical boredom. The caravan isContinue reading “The Caravan is Off Once Again”

Forgotten, or Ignored?

Draconian Fuckups have no place in a “small government” “big fascist” society. Those who bare no burden have no pain. And therefore nothing to gain. Pain is profit, profit is gain To gain one must lost and so on. There is no longer a point in rambling about teachings long forgotten. But Are they forgottenContinue reading “Forgotten, or Ignored?”

My Pen

Come now my pen! My pen, you shall be my valiant sword you shall be my chivalrous oath. Oh sweet pen, speak out upon my rage, my fear, my love, my desire. Run my pen along this dead page. Be the source my pay, my life my peace. Tell the tale I cannot my pen.Continue reading “My Pen”

Rhetorical Questions

Do we call to arms our great minds for the sake of their minds? Do we not sit upon thrones made of African machine guns? Are these thrones not sitting in the Louvre or the British Museum? Does vanity become a bi product of consciousness, or consciousness a bi product of vanity? Are we slavesContinue reading “Rhetorical Questions”


Wicked destruction, Wicked self destruction, Wicked self destruction that would make Fydor cringe. Sanity is having the good fortune that other people have the same problems. Good fortune is luck luck is rare. Rare because we forget we have control we forget we have control because we give up control. We must take back controlContinue reading “Control”

False Label of Savage

Savage that which is the nature of rebellion is that of truth nor structure. Savage, Exotic Savage, the nobel savage. What you find is no savage. I stand before you, audience to this scene, bare word to this woe, to this rest. Savage is that rest, in the black heart of the jungle, the restContinue reading “False Label of Savage”

Traded Grey

Coming yet is the set of night, the yellow of light is traded grey. Simple so it seems yet intricate beyond any dream. Explications searched, and explications sought. Dreamed, and also bought. 10/29/10