Scream o Thought

What? A question and an answer. Pour me my reward so that I can choke another humor. I love nothing but the beats and the rhythms and sorrows. Prophetic screams, Makeshift call, Vetoed votes pure balance, outward stance Scream of thought Scream of Idea Beacon and Call of All and Yet of None Yet ofContinue reading “Scream o Thought”

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 9

Chapter 9 I dreamed I fucked her again.  This time without the ending event, we just fucked and fucked and fucked.  I would actually have the same dream not to long after this one.  It was a perfect dream, not because it was about fucking, just because I knew one day I could have her. Continue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 9”

The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 8

Chapter 8  It was 7:45 when I woke up.  My tour of Humboldt state wasn’t until 11.  So I knew my parents wouldn’t be up until nine.  So I just lied on the bed trying to remember my dream as best as I could so I could interpret it.  First I thought of the beginningContinue reading “The Burden of Empathy : Chapter 8”

Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches

Some strong coffee, a bottle of Vino and a french cigarette and before you know it your a regular Jean Paul Satre. A resource for the masses for unwise wisdom. A wisdom that bares no profit is the most profitable of wisdom said a very wise unwise-man. Who knew that words are currency to some?Continue reading “Strong Coffee, Cigarettes, and Other Poetic Cliches”