The Ponderings of Memories Clenched 

To wit and be not known and strength. See to wit, and matter disproportioned, in ever lasting concept. What times do we live in, when our young read stories of their no future. What now done for our children, what now done in dialogue for truth and politic. Another build up of hope, or justContinue reading “The Ponderings of Memories Clenched “

Forbaren Soul and Love not Lost, but Changed.

Forbaren soul, lost again insight unseen, yet not, merely changed, unforeseen. The stars tell me nothing but my date of birth, and the direction slaves did walk. Soiled old souls, now bitter, with hate, forgotten of the parental struggle. The trial of every generation are the lessons learned from each one’s prior. A balance ofContinue reading “Forbaren Soul and Love not Lost, but Changed.”

daylight Vs Daylight

daylight, Zero completion truth instead of a substance leaving now You wont be laughing No Accomplishments No more adobe. Only plastic. Never rotting never dying, Is their hope in one man or woman? Is such to take on the burden or just promote the self?  Yet one be inescapable from another. Aesop’s truest fable, lifeContinue reading “daylight Vs Daylight”

The Story’s Answer Part 6

Evolutions artistic plunder, fort me my due free film my art my propaganda take your chair and look away to another means, ignore self free of thy fate. Here is my tale fallen  and risen. Rise chant Rise Rise Rise fate love Rise, Rise, listen fortune, to do as told but not done, never finishedContinue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 6”

The Story’s Answer Part 4

War, no, fear, no, Crime, no,  Game! Simply game! Game for identity. Game for group and safety. Game for instinct, Game for the pursuit but not gain of truth. But what is to gain truth? What is to gain knowledge? Where is any truth? Is this my page? Is this my night? Damn this me!Continue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 4”

Short Stream of an Amatuer Yogi

Silent witness, bare fruit, no fortune, old words wasted again. Always wasted, both literal and  figurative. Timeless time and other repeated sceneries. Loop upon loop. Repetition mass trivial repetition in cylcles, Acting as no repetition at all. What is repeated, is reworded. And the logic of rhetoric is extorted. No weakness, only the shortcomings ofContinue reading “Short Stream of an Amatuer Yogi”

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis Chapter 16

chapter 16  The Aftermath     Judge Bachman was ecstatic to hear Lewis was in custody.  He was disappointed to hear he was in another state and would be tried by a separate Judge, but he would watch the trial coverage on FOX NEWS as close as possible.     Once Jack was caught, it wasn’t longContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis Chapter 16”

The Story’s Answer. Part 2

There is no day, There is no hour, There is no time which cannot be used for the sake that our sweet and public did. To do right is to act, To justify is inexcusable. Truth is the only merit to truth As it should be, I have kept silence in my place that wasContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 2”

The Story’s Answer. Part 1

Wretched hours, Cursed cliches yet sinfully, regrettably again, I write these words with a mind of conflict and a heavy heart. Thoughts and my body twisted and wrangled and always so mother bloody fucking constant. Find no pattern in these words, yet please do, For although there is no story here, There indeed is, andContinue reading “The Story’s Answer. Part 1”

So Many Times

Ah so many times, So many times did this practice bring no practice but remains practical. No trivial soft images necessary for imagery We are all but imagery within ourselves, “Copies of Copies” as that book once said. Writing creates monsters, for better or worse. That monster, is audience, fans, and fiends. Fiends and leeches,Continue reading “So Many Times”


Sweet some sense to think that answer and such wondering on since constant and circles and circles and circles used but not so’s word words doing one of my single women here what are we doing it’s just the same old song so many times it’s not funny. No, not funny.

Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 5

Chapter 5  To Liberate and Learn   Eventually Jack figured out he was heading North.  It took what seemed like an endless stream of days and nights for Jack to reach Sacramento, and by the time he did he had run out of his cash.  So he had to resort back to shoplifting in orderContinue reading “Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis. Chapter 5”