It’s Wrong When It Stops Being Fun, A Poem

A wise man once said “It’s wrong when it stops being fun.” Well, I have to ask myself, has it? Has pining over the right word and cadence lost its spark? What, except the dark cloud that seeps its invisible cloak on my psyche, Keeps me from putting all for the gods and earthly kindContinue reading “It’s Wrong When It Stops Being Fun, A Poem”

The Time Has Come (a poem dedicated to antifascist fighters!)

The time has come, The end of generational ignorance is near. Revolution. There is no more denying, No more procrastination, For procrastination is the rebel’s enemy. There is no more time to waste, Revolution Is a formula. A formula of transcendence, A guide to peace, To march, To victory.

January 23, 2017 – I

Losers never win, That is what makes them a loser. President Loser.

The Man Who Is Tall Is Happy?

The man who is tall is happy. Is the man who is tall is happy? The man who is tall is happy. Is the man who is tall is happy? Simple, but not, naturalized structure and generation, and burden of proof is on the state. The burden of proof of law, order, proffesional dissertation, factsContinue reading “The Man Who Is Tall Is Happy?”

The Story’s Answer Part 4

War, no, fear, no, Crime, no,  Game! Simply game! Game for identity. Game for group and safety. Game for instinct, Game for the pursuit but not gain of truth. But what is to gain truth? What is to gain knowledge? Where is any truth? Is this my page? Is this my night? Damn this me!Continue reading “The Story’s Answer Part 4”


Sweet some sense to think that answer and such wondering on since constant and circles and circles and circles used but not so’s word words doing one of my single women here what are we doing it’s just the same old song so many times it’s not funny. No, not funny.

Art for the Sake of Art, Words for the Sake of Words

Unconsciously composed are the truth, the start of all great coordinations and compositions. Composition for the sake of itself. For the sake of rehearsal, and practice. Practice for practice overdue but now and learned. Make no mistakes by allowing mistakes. He who laughs with understands, he who laughs at dies alone. 10/18/14