Film Under Socialism

How A Democratized Economy And Workplace Organizing In The Film Industry Can Save Cinema

People Who You Didn’t Know Were Socialists – Charlie Chaplin

Poetry’s Place in the Revolution: The Rant of a Socialist Poet

God fucking cock sucking mother fucking damnit! Quite a poetic opening am I right? Yes a bit blunt but to be honest I am in a foul mood. I started off the year strong by getting published twice in one month, but ever since June it has been a series of pitches and rejection letters.Continue reading “Poetry’s Place in the Revolution: The Rant of a Socialist Poet”

Roger Corman is the Edgar Allen Poe of Film

In the spirit of Halloween, what could be more perfect for today than a reflection about the original American king of Horror.  What would be even better still would be a reflection on both him and another king of horror, the B-cult movie kingpin that is Roger Corman, who was not only a fan ofContinue reading “Roger Corman is the Edgar Allen Poe of Film”