The Hopeless Radical, a poem

A fearful night, and a burned bridge freshly smolders. Such is the life of a hopeless radical. Less sexy than a hopeless romantic, but more useful than a hopeless idealist. Two are ideal hands of the state, whose hands when pressed against us create our struggle. Our struggle, Our political struggle. The hopeless radical knowsContinue reading “The Hopeless Radical, a poem”

Anti Intellectualism Hurts the Left and Insults the Working Class

The left must make our program accessible, but “accessible” should not mean “dumbed down.”

Lies and Slander, A poem

“The poor deserve it!” Lies and slander. “The left hates…” Lies and slander. “The police protect and serve.” Lies and slander. “Your standard of living will only go up.” More lies, more slander. “Love is all you need.” More lies, more slander. “This is land of the free.” The biggest lie, the biggest slander.

Elizabeth Warren’s Mistake In 2016

Elizabeth Warren not only hurt Bernie’s campaign in 2016, she damaged her own reputation when she endorsed Hillary Clinton.