Donavon’s Palace

Donavon awoke to the piles of severed limbs and bloody corpses before him.  The massacre had been swift, cruel, and horrible. Luck, if could so be called, was the only reason Donovan had survived, and this luck had graced Donovan with a gaping wound one the side of his large square head. Donovan did notContinue reading “Donavon’s Palace”

Dare I ask and Repeat

A breach, now which many actual  available incoherent blank spots an twindeling sodden nature. Well Lust Well portioned Well music and sordid fall and another obsession. Another obsession, another trite matter? Dare I ask and repeat. Nay, NAY I say fault by a many a mature fortune. Lost muck and rake, and pollution of a selfContinue reading “Dare I ask and Repeat”

A Very Long Title for a Relatively Short Poem

Sit now and humor another trip and lack of sync. Another ball of wayward words and finished concepts, Of both the joy and the road that is behind. So only measured by  your fellow man. What hidden smile? What constance of any question? Well rounded in the serpent and the cycles both. So it isContinue reading “A Very Long Title for a Relatively Short Poem”

The Cliche Sweet Goodnight

Peaceful mockeries, disdainful sin All the things that come from within. Signs of Red, Blue, and White Orange and Green and the Yellow of Light. A big horizon in a tie dye sight, A battle, A war, a roue, a fight A chance to highlight the might. Tasty foods, sweet Wines, and shiny Jewels AContinue reading “The Cliche Sweet Goodnight”