Blog Update for ‘The Weekly Protest’

Hey all, first let me say thanks for reading and liking my posts and poems. I really do appreciate it and it helps me to keep my chin up because choosing a career in poetry isn’t exactly a way to guarantee you will be living on caviar and champagne.

That said, I recently made some changes to my Patron only blog, The Weekly Protest. You may have tried to click an old link recently and gotten either a 404 message or seen that the posts are only available to patrons. This is because;

1. Most of my posts will be only acessible to patrons henceforth, but remember the content on this blog will always be free. That said the support I get on Patreon goes to support this site, but I currently have only half a dozen patrons, so please join! It only costs $1!!!


2. As I mentioned above, some links are no longer working. That is because I changed the URL. You can now only access my blog through the url

Thanks again to my followers and readers, yall are keeping me going in this unforgiving industry. But please if you can, join that patreon, I will make it worthwhile, scout’s honor. ❤

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I'm a poet from California.

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