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Hey all!

Just another quick post to say thanks for all the likes and follows, and a polite reminder for you to join my Patreon. Joining supports my poetry and you will gain access to my blog THE WEEKLY PROTEST, only available on Patreon.

And just an fyi, if you want even more free content, I have become a voracious tik toker, especially since I no longer check Twitter. I have even crossed my first threshold with over 1100 followers (5k here I come!😊)

Be sure to follow @thepoetjamesjjackson for:

1. poetry livestreams

2. dad jokes

3. random rants and musings

Thanks again for all the love and know I’m sending it all back as much as I can. I wish I had the time to read every single one of your blogs. ❤

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I'm a poet from California.

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