Announcement: Blog Rebranding

I am happy to announce I will be moving all my prose to my newly rebranded patreon blog, The Weekly Protest.

This webpage will be 100% for poetry henceforth. The funds from the patreon will help me to keep most of my poetry publishable for free. Poetry is for the people!

Patreon also makes it much easier to interact with my audience. So I hope to bring more of you to my patreon so that we can engage with each other more. I want to hear your thoughts and stories, my friend.

So like Bernie Sanders, or a starving busker on the subway, I would like your financial support. Join the patreon, get The Weekly Protest, support my poetry.

Thank for all the love and likes, keep an eye out for the new blog launch within the week, if you like my takes and rants, soon the only way to get them will be on


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I'm a poet from California.

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