Ode to Joy (NOT) I’m Viral Again

Wonderful, I have two political tik toks making viral rounds again, they were both direct responses to conservative women making stupid points that are easily disproven with a google search.

I’m only on tik tok to make goofy videos and kill time while this pandemic steals everything about the world I once knew from me.

I’m glad my political points are resonating with so many people, but in all honesty I’m not interested in adding myself to the ranks of political tik tokers.

I have nothing against the people who use their platforms to push for leftist politics and dialectics*, I just don’t want to do it because there are people who do it better than I ever could, you want good political tik toks follow Comrade Juul or The Conscious Lee.

It’s important to stay true to your political stance, and I will always stand by the Left and will even call myself a socialist with pride no matter what stigma people try to attach to the word. But I have no interest in trying to do a job that so many others already do so well.

I’ll make political points here and there, but for the most part I want to keep my political points to my patreon, I want to write poems, here, write about politics on patreon, and to just goof around on tik tok until I get bored with it like I did Vine.

I’m a simple man, and a man who hates himself for his online addiction. I don’t feel guilty about it because we’re all screen junkies now, but I miss having mystery attached to my life, a decade of Facebook use and leftist twitter feuds has robbed me of that.

So log off every once in a while, or enjoy screaming at each other in my tik tok comment sections. It will never matter to me. I’ve never felt more detached from the shout box that is the internet, and the feuding words of Trumpets and Communists in an online forum that will eventually die in popularity is of no concern to me.

Maybe Im too detached, maybe I’ve just been online for so long that I’m numb to all the anger. But take it from the voice of experience, living your life online and tweeting every impulisve thought and responding to every post you disagree with is no way to good mental health.

I’m not telling you to log off, that’s cliche and would be a misreading of the room. Do whatever the hell you want, I’m a poet not your parent.

*Leftist jargon meaning “the progression of history”


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