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Hey all.

I want thank all my followers, especially my newest ones and the ones who like almost everything I post, the way that dandelion salads & Fat Cow Co do. If you get a chance check out their blogs!

Like Bernie Sanders, I am once again asking for your financial support. Currently we only have 4 patrons, I’m grateful for each one but that is not enough to keep this blog going, and I’d love to run this site full time for yall.

If you want to both support my poetry and get exclusive access to posts not available here, then become a patron! Membership starts as low as $1.50!

And I know I have a lot of international followers, and I have good news for them, they can get exclusive access to. Patreon now allows you to support a page with whatever currency you use. So even if you don’t use US dollars, you can still support the blog! If you choose to that is 😉

So join today, help keep this blog running and maybe one day I can make this blog my full time job.

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I'm a poet from California.

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