What is America?

America, she is not what you think she is.

She isn’t even a she.

America uses they them pronouns,

and they are a turtle.

A turtle whose back we stand on,

and drill holes in every day, like children

growing up to be serial killers.


Do you still wonder,

“What is America?”

Well America is the supersized ultra viral this or that,

either or,

black and white,

red or blue.

America is the dead arts

and the extorted beggars on the street,

many were once proud cossacks of the emipre,

now they hold signs that direct traffic around their poverty.

America is a place where Bob Dylan does Christmas albums.

It’s the place where masks and porn are political.


What is America?

Didn’t you hear the song? It won awards.

This is America.

This is America.


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Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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