Worried About A Coup? Me Too, Here Is One Thing You Can Do

Join the Democratic Socialists of America.

If Trump does not respect the results of the election, or if his soon to be stacked Supreme Court rules the election in his favor the way they did for Bush in 2000, then the only way to defeat a coup is with a united front, a mass movement against the state where we are all working to the same goal and are connected.

The only organization trying this and succeeding is the DSA.

Several other organization are too focused on one type of tactic and as a result they are not as effective as they could be.

For example the Party of Socialism and Liberation is great at protesting, but their electoral strategy is near sighted and does nothing to help the working class. Or consider how anarchist groups do great mutual aid work, but easily fall prey to state oppression because they are too disorganized.

This is why I am an enthusiastic DSA member and recruiter. DSA rejects “either-or-ism” and you will find a presence in our organization on all fronts. We have space to organize for mutual aid, a space to organize for electoral wins, a space to fight for Medicare for All, a space to fight for the Green New Deal, a space to fight for abortion access, a space to fight against police violence, and so much more.

Plus, DSA is a big tent organization, meaning so long as you reject oppression, you are welcome here. This means there is not only space in DSA to organize for the cause you care about but space to caucus with like minded comrades.

Numbers, cohesion, and organization, these are the things that are needed to beat the tides of a coup. Along with its benefits, DSA is the only organization that is building this kind of socialism and actually winning. DSA has made electoral and policy gains across the country with the few numbers we already have, imagine what we can do with more.

With enough people and enough motivation, Donald Trump and those like him would never have a prayer.

Don’t waste time. Join DSA, and do it NOW!

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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