For The Love of God Liberals, Stfu and Get to Organizing!

Liberals need to stop obsessing about the stupid things said by Donald Trump and need to be talking about the effects his actions have on the most vulnerable in our society.

The tedious personality cults and hero worship in politics need to end.

The left will always be reacting to the right wing because the laws of capital and power will always disporportionally benefit its defenders, unless the left seizes state power and moblizes the working class into a mass movement.

We cannot organize a mass movement oriented simply around reacting to the powers that be, and those reactions cannot be limited to jokes about Trump’s name or retweeting Stephen Colbert or John Oliver monologues.

Trumps day to day moronic actions mean nothing, but the bills he signs, the executive orders he makes, and the judges he will appoint all will have irreversible effects on our government for generations.

Yet, liberals would rather talk about his hair or his weight, why?

Because then they would have to confront their own hypocrisy. Then liberals would see that because they defend people in their party like Joe Biden, a right winger accused of rape, they have no moral high ground against Donald Trump, another right winger accused of rape.

Although, this is a funny way to treat your “opposition” liberals. Please point to the picture where you are actually “resisting” but I digress.

Hillary Clinton “resisting”
Bill Clinton and Mike Bloomberg “resisting”
Nancy Pelosi “resisting”

Actual organizing is too hard and requires too much thought, so it is much easier for liberals to knit a pussy hat, post a “Yas Queen” status about Pelosi, and call it a day.

This is why I am a socialist, a communist, and a Marxist. Its not enough to just say you hate the powers that be, it not enough to focus on your opposition, and you should never use your oppositions frames. The world needs to be changed, and we must be the agents of that change.

But please, no more fat jokes about Trump, or at least if you are going to make them, stop saying, “When they go low, we go high.” Because that is a fucking lie.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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