No Liberals, Biden Won’t Protect the Supreme Court

We hear this argument from the Blue No Matter Who voters, constantly.

“You have to vote for Biden to protect Ginsberg’s seat on the court!”

“Don’t vote to help Biden, do it to help us save RGB’s seat!”

“Save RBG!!!”

This is an insufficient and illogical justification to vote for Joe Biden. It’s time for liberals to accept their hard to swallow pill, protecting the Supreme Court is a useless endeavour at this point. The court will need to be packed to reverse the conservative takeover, even under a Biden presidency.

First, let’s look at the math. The court is currently stacked to favor conservatives 5-4, and if Ginsberg leaves the position with Trump still in office, the court will inevitably be stacked 6-3. But even if we “protect” RGB’s seat, the conservatives still have control of the court 5-4. I fail to see how losing supreme court cases by 1 vote is any better than losing by 2. A lost case is a lost case, the vote count is inconsequential to the people who have to live with the effects of the ruling.

Further, why is it that liberals have faith that the man who 1. Smeared Anita Hill, 2. Whipped votes for Antonin Scalia and 3. Openly brags about how much he likes Republicans, will appoint a progressive judge!? Do liberals learn nothing from experience? Does institutional memory just not exist for Democrats anymore?

“Scalia is one of our most influential judges!” – Joe Biden

When someone shows you who you are, believe them. Biden showed us that he is willing to compromise with the fascist GOP his entire career, yes that includes the time he spent as Obama’s VP (a position he received as a gesture to appease the right-wing of the Democratic Party I might add.)

If Joe Biden is the one to pick Ginsberg’s replacement, expect another Scalia to join the court. Oh but I’m sure he’ll pick a woman so that will make it okay, right? Ugh…

And one last thing, and this will really upset any liberal reading this but I stand by it, RGB isn’t that great, in fact, she’s terrible, the entire Supreme Court is garbage.

The entire Supreme Court is terrible and should be abolished along with the Senate. Quite frankly I do not understand why we put so much faith in an institution that protected slavery, attacked the indigenous, and is run by unelected lifelong appointees. How in the hell is a body like that going to protect democracy?

RGB has voted against the autonomy of Native reservations multiple times, and she chided Colin Kapernick’s protest calling it “disrespectful.” (Liberals crack me up when the perpetuate the same right-wing talking points they claim to be against.) Let us not forget this so called icon of feminism said there is “too much controversy” attached to the Equal Rights Amendment.

An unelected body is never a good guardian of democracy, a man who has spent his political career appeasing the right is not going to protect that body from the right, and even if he did it would be inconsequential, that body would still lean conservative and will continue to lean to the right until more judges are appointed. There is no “saving” the Supreme Court at this point without packing it, liberals should realize and rally behind this.

When you vote for Joe Biden you aren’t really voting to protect the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is already lost, and will remain lost even if Ginsberg is replaced with a hardcore progressive.

We need to pack the court.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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