No Lis Smith, Biden Can’t Win The Election From His Basement

For the love of god liberals, do you never learn!?

This is a genuine appeal to anyone who is still in any way loyal to the Joe Biden and the Democrats, STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO TELL YOU THAT YOU DONT NEED TO ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN!

Lis Smith argues in favor of Joe Biden making the same mistakes Hillary Clinton did in 2016

The most successful presidential races have always been ones that are grassroots and built on a person to person network of engagement, this is especially true for swing states and it is a lesson that they should have learned in 2016!

Hillary Clinton lost multiple swing states, especially in the midwest, because her campaign took those states for granted and minimized their campaign efforts in those states.

On the other hand, Obama won most swing states in 2008 because he actively campaigned there, AND that campaign was filled with volunteers excited and willing to go canvass, phonebank, and social media blast for their candidate.

You might think that because the president is failing so publicly during this pandemic that any candidate against him would be a lock to win, but polls show that excitement for the Biden campaign is generating the lowest excitement for a candidate in the history of the democratic party, only 20-30 percent of democrats are actually excited about Joe Biden being the nominee, and most polls have Trump and Biden going back and forth in swing states with a margin of 2-3%.

If the Biden campaign does not create a network of person to person engagement then the Biden campaign is beyond doomed, it is destined to fail for the rest of their existence if they don’t start building a method of grassroots engagement around the COVID crisis. Lis Smith is correct that Biden cannot commit to what she calls a “traditional presidential campaign” but that does not mean he can assume a safe victory using nothing but video town halls from his house.

When you take person to person campaigning for granted or sacrifice it to favor a more plutocratic model, you lose, always. The reason Bernie was going strong in the primary, and in February was the inevitable nominee, was because he had the best door to door, person to person ground game of any candidate. When the pandemic started he lost that network and as a result he lost the primary. This should serve as a lesson for Biden’s campaign, person to person engagement is the new politics and it is vital to winning. Bernie knew this, Obama knew this, but apparently Biden, the Clintons, and the DNC don’t.

So liberals, do not trust any pundit who tells you that you do not need to campaign or that a campaign can win without one on one engagement, they can’t. The future of politics is grassroots, not neoliberal or plutocratic. If you don’t engage on a personal level with your electorate then the Democratic Party will never win another election, and it almost feels like they are trying to make that happen.

So no, Joe Biden can’t win the election from his basement, no candidate can or ever will. Yes, Biden can’t run a traditional campaign because of the covid pandemic, but that should be incentive for the Biden campaign to get creative, not an excuse for the Democrats to get lazy.

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