Bring Back Bernie and Justice for Tara: A False Equivalency

The allegations against Joe Biden are sufficient enough to demand that he remove himself from the race and abdicate the democratic party’s nomination.

Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s victim, during her interview with Megyn Kelly

It’s not going to happen, in the last few weeks the level of hypocrisy inherent to the DNC became publicly apparent when the people who were shouting “Believe ALL women!” last year began using the same talking points as Trump supporters did during the Kavanaugh hearings in order to defend their support of Joe Biden.

These are dark times, especially for survivors.

There is always hope in the left and progressive movement though, the consistent public pressure is forcing the establishment democrats to take a stand on the issue, and because they are taking the wrong stand and taking it so publicly, their hypocrisy is exposed to the nation like never before.

It has without a doubt been the progressives who have pushed for Justice for Tara Reade more than anyone else, it was also the progressives who backed Bernie all the way to the end.

But there are some in the movement who are walking a dangerous line. There are some who seem less concerned with getting Tara justice and seem more interested in getting Bernie Sanders to “unsuspend” his campaign. A common trope you will see on social media equates winning Bernie the nomination as justice for Tara Reade.

This is not a good thought process, it both erases and belittles victims and hurts the leftist movement.

Let’s first address the calls for Bernie to “unsuspend” his campaign. We must acknowledge that this is a pipe dream, Bernie is not going to “unsuspend” his campaign, it would be political suicide at this point and would give the democratic establishment immense fodder against him.

If Bernie was to rejoin the race, at least with Biden still in it, he would look foolish and wishy-washy, he would lose credibility in the eyes of most swing voters. Since Bernie has already endorsed Joe Biden, it would make himself look indecisive and even opportunistic, it would make it seem like he was using Tara’s case to seize the nomination for himself.

I can only imagine the kind of MSM fodder that would be turned into.

Too many are making a false equivalency that getting Bernie back in the running and that justice for Tara are the same thing. They are not. Getting justice for Tara is a separate matter from getting Bernie the democratic nomination and they should not be equated to each other.

If we equate justice for Tara solely with Bernie’s nomination then we distract from the realities of sexual assault and what victims go through, instead of centralizing the needs of the victim and her story we perpetuate the idea that we need a male white knight politician to save them.

I do agree that if Joe Biden drops out of the race thanks to the growing public pressure Bernie Sanders should be drafted as the democratic nominee. He has the 2nd most delegates behind Biden and that would be the most democratic choice for the party to make. If the democrats draft a different candidate, especially if its one who did not campaign in the primary, the democrats will lose by an even wider margin than they would have with Biden, at least some people voted for Joe Biden but if we go from a candidate who got some votes to a candidate no one voted for, then the democratic party has no business calling itself democratic.

But we must remember that Bernie being the candidate 2nd to Biden in delegates is merely a technicality in the matter when demanding that Biden step down, and getting Bernie the nomination is not even a guarantee that Reade will receive actual justice.

Justice for Tara and getting Bernie to unsuspend his campaign are not the same thing, and it should be remembered that “unsuspending” a campaign would be political suicide and hurt Bernie’s public image more than it would help. Leftists and progressives need to focus on getting Reade justice, replacing Biden with Bernie should be incidental to that, not central to it, it hurts the Me Too movement if we equate getting a candidate nominated with justice for a victim because it erases the victim.

Don’t erase Tara Reade, don’t belittle anyone’s victimhood.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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