Biden and the Blue M.A.G.A.

Listen, I want to make it clear, I don’t judge people who are going to vote for Biden, I really don’t, because I get it. You want Donald Trump out and you’d probably vote for a raw turnip if it won the nomination. I can respect your desire to make Trump into a one term loser.

But the fact is this, to support Joe Biden you do have to either ignore or excuse the rape allegations against him, and that I think warrants scrutiny.

“I am liar, a pig, and a rapist” – Joe Biden

Now, many liberals are resorting to the same exact tactics the right wing used to defend Trump in 2016 when they are defending Joe Biden.

When you scream, “You’re a Russian agent.” Or “You want Trump to win!” when someone scrutinizes Biden, that is no different than when Trump supporters say, “You hate America!” when you challenge Donald Trump. It’s an illogical false equivalency and a non-sequitur.

Two things can be true at the same time, you can hate Donald Trump AND you can believe Tara Reade. It would behoove liberals to get that through their heads.

Some Biden supporters today are demanding that Chris Hayes resign for doing his job as a journalist and talking about the allegations. Is that not just the same as MAGAts calling every exposé on Trump “fake news”?

If you can’t handle scrutiny of your political opinion then go buy a MAGA hat, or at least admit you don’t look at politics based on material realities of the poor and working classes but instead that you treat it like a sports team you’ve attached your identity to.

This is exactly why Trump got elected, even republicans who didn’t like Trump voted for Trump because to them politics is about party identity, not about material reality.

Democrats are showing themselves to be no different that the GOP when they go after Tara Reade or the people who believe her. If you support Joe Biden, then address the allegations against him and tell the truth, that you either excuse or ignore the allegations. Don’t insult my or any other intersectional feminists’ intelligence by doing otherwise.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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