Bernie Isnt Going To Unsuspend, Unless…

The calls for Biden to quit the race are growing and so is the amount of evidence corroborating Tara Reade’s allegations. Evidence including a 1993 clip of Reade’s mother calling into Larry King to discuss the accusations has emerged and mysteriously vanished from CNN’s website. Anecdotal evidence from Reade’s former neighbors has also been found.

As the call for Biden to step out of the race grows, so grows the calls for Bernie Sanders to unsuspend his campaign and retract his endorsement of Joe Biden.

The odds of this happening are incredibly low and they shrank even more today when it was announced that the presidential primary in NY is cancelled and that Bernie’s name will not even be on the ballot.

Here is the issue, the demands for Bernie to rejoin the race are only coming from one place, his base. It is not coming from anywhere else and Bernie’s base alone is not enough to get him to rejoin the race because Bernie needs more than the votes of Leftists to win the nomination. It will take pressure from outside his base to get Bernie to even consider rejoining the race, especially now that he isn’t even on the ballot for one of the most populated states’ primary.

We shouldn’t just pressure Bernie to rejoin the race, we should be pressuring other people to pressure Bernie.

So, where is our pressure would be the most effective:

1. The Democratic National Committee

The DNC needs to be flooded with pressure from registered democrats if we want them to press Biden to step down. Biden isn’t going to leave the race as long as the DNC is standing by him.

One of the arguments the establishment is using against #NeverBiden is that the calls for Biden to step down are not coming from actual Democratic Party members but from a fringe of the party and outsiders who support Bernie. It is on pro Bernie registered Democrats to email, call, tweet and message the DNC with the following script.

“I, ___________, a party member since _____________ , demand that Joe Biden abdicate the nomination for president. I believe the rape allegations against him should be investigated and the party must draft a new candidate to replace him.”

If the DNC can’t log online without being bombarded with this input, they will eventually have to listen.

Contact DNC

DNC twitter:

DNC Facebook:

Tom Perez (DNC CHAIR) twitter:

2. Call Gov. Cuomo of New York

The establishment needs to see that people still want to vote for Bernie and that keeping his name off the ballot is a miscarriage of democracy. As we flood the DNC with our complaints so must we do so in New York.

If you live in NY:

Find Your Assemblyperson

Gov. Cuomo’s Offices Phone Number 15184748390

Contact form for Gov. Cuomo

It is important to remember that getting Tara Reade justice and getting Bernie to rejoin the race are not the same thing and should not be equated to each other. However Reade is more likely to get justice if Biden is removed from the race and Bernie is the only politician who polls high enough with independent voters that insure Donald Trump will be defeated in November. Remember, you don’t need to win over democrats or republicans to win in US politics, you need to win over independant, no party preference voters. They are the largest voter demographic in the country and the majority of them do lean left on the most vital issues of the day, especially the 69% of the country who support Medicare for All.

This is a small time blog with only a few hundred followers, I don’t expect a movement to be started here. I am just pointing out that if people want Bernie back in the race this is where they need to put their energy, not just on Bernie himself to rejoin but on the institutions that pushed Bernie out in the first place.

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