Bernie and the Allegations Against Biden

Let me make two things abundantly clear,

I do not blame Bernie for endorsing Joe Biden, and I still believe Tara Reade.

It is not my place to speak for victims of sexual assault and I am not trying to do so here. I do think however we need to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room that Bernie’s endorsement created.

Biden has 8 accusations of sexual harassment against him and one accusation of sexual assault. A core aspect of Bernie’s support came from socialist feminists and a core aspect of socialist feminism is believing survivors.

Bernie has been silent on the allegations against Biden and Bernie’s supporters have noticed it.

We can’t blame Bernie for endorsing Biden when Bernie pledged to endorse the Democratic nominee no matter who it was. We can’t blame Bernie for staying true to his word, that’s why many of us fell in love with him in the first place.

But unless we are ready to piss away the gains made by the Me Too movement we cannot pick and choose when to believe survivors, or at least pick and choose which cases to investigate. Bernie is endorsing Biden for fair enough reasons, however Bernie does risk alienating a huge chunk of his base and is dangerously close to perpetuating rape culture with the decision to endorse Biden and not address Reade’s accusations.

If the case against Biden gains the traction that it should and we force Biden out of the nomination, as we should, then Bernie can still rescind his endorsement. In any case however we cannot ignore what this election will be doing psychologically to survivors of rape.

I am not trying to speak for victims here, I am just calling it like I see it, and the way I see it Bernie endorsing Biden is another case of Bernie keeping his promises, BUT Bernie will have to reconcile with what this election means to survivors and to his socialist feminist base.

The allegations against Biden will not and should not be forgotten, and all who endorse Biden will have to face them eventually, including Bernie.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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