Bill Palmer, the Worst Liberal Hack on Twitter

Bill Palmer, political “analyist” and blogger, is one of, if not the most, insufferable “writers” to ever disgrace the twittersphere.

His contrived blog, The Palmer Report, masquerades as journalism when it is in fact nothing but unorignial lazy slaps against an easy target (Trump) and a continued intellecutalization (if it can so be called) as to why the Democrats need to stop Bernie, putting this “Democrat” in company with the likes of Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol.

First of all, I do not know who still needs to hear this, but “Donald Trump is bad,” is not a radical nor cutting edge take.

Palmer also uses his blog to perpetuate disproven conspiracy theories about the 2016 election. He blames Russia for the low voter turnout, to the point he actually claims Russia rigged the numbers!

The thing is, we’re getting very close to learning from Robert Mueller just how Trump and Russia altered the the 2016 election result. In fact we already have a big piece of it from the Senate.Palmer Report, November 18, 2018

Later in this same article, Palmer doubles down on the hopes that Mueller would be the nations savior;

Mueller will expose that not only did Donald Trump not really win the 2016 election, he and his campaign committed a form of treason by conspiring with the Russians to rig the results. Palmer Report, November 18, 2018

Yes, Russia interefered in 2016, but not only did Mueller’s report NOT confirm any of Palmer’s claims, to blame Russia for everything arong in the 2016 election is a nearsighted take that erases the painful material reality of the working class. People didn’t vote in 2016 because of disillusionment with a corrupt, oligarchical system. The American oligarchy is not even on Palmer’s radar.

Palmer not only stands by his idiotic Russia theories but he doubles down on them, claiming the popular vote numbers were “rigged and manipulated” as if it was not possible for people not to turn out to vote, which is the fact, it has been proven that the real winner of the 2016 election was neither Trump nor Clinton, it was not voting.

He has posted multiple articles about Russian interference, all of them based on conjecture, a conjecture which he masquerades as sound political analysis.

Liberals have another term for this, fake news.

Yes, liberals are guilty of fake news to, and Bill Palmer is proof.

Palmer is also bad at math.

Thanks to his thirty point massive blowout win in South Carolina last night, Joe Biden is now in the driver’s seat in the Democratic primary race. Palmer Report March 1, 2020

Umm Bill, Bernie won the first 3 primaries in a row and the entire state of California, the worlds 4th largest economy. For someone so obsessed with “fake news” you would think he would be capable of acknowledging the truth.

Palmer is not only a bad writer and with a reductionist analysis, he is a narcissist. His twitter bio is “Political analysis ahead of the curve,” yet all of his blogs articles read like they were written by 13 year olds who watch the news for a social studies project.

Not only this, Palmer will continuelly retweet the people who retweet his own articles, meaning he will retweet the same article he just posted multiple times in a row, as if he needs to brag about getting retweeted, and they are always articles about junk that does not need analysis. We do need some schmuck to tell us why Donald Trump is bad and why the Democrats shouldnt nominate the guy who is actually winning the popular vote.

People like Bill Palmer hold back the left, they bastardize what the working class is fighting for and they intellecutalize why they are right about everything instead of humbling themselves to listen to the material needs of the working class. Palmer does not care about feeding the poor or providing us with health care, no, his privileged white ass wants us to believe that it is okay for the democratic party to interfere with the election of the clear front runner of the popular vote and that all the nations woes will heal when Trump is gone.

The man is a hack, an opprotunist, and overall, a bastard. His content is pathetic, his analysis is lazy, and all in all he is a waste of space. If you follow him on twitter, stop, if you give money to his website, cut off the funds, all you are doing is giving validation to an over priveleged man who thinks that he should speak to the electorate instead of listening to them.

Bill Palmer, you are a terrible writer, a delusional narcissist, and a waste of space on twitter, you need to find a new job.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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