Why is Warren Losing?

Elizabeth Warren is on track to lose the presidential primary in her home state of Massachusetts, and she is on track to lose the popular vote overall. She finished 4th in Iowa and New Hampshire and 5th in South Carolina. In Nevada, a state that is 50% non white, Warren never got higher than 8% support from people of color.

Let us also not forget the biggest campaign promise she broke, accepting Super-PAC money.

Also, since Bernie became the front-runner Warren has gone on the offensive and in turn offended people from wanting to support her campaign. She tried to smear Bernie as sexist and attacked his supporters, only to tank in the polls.

But what is killing her campaign is her willingness to let super delegates steal the election from Bernie.

Warren was a strong front-runner before she went on the offensive against Sanders, and the more she goes on the offensive and resorts to establishment politics the faster she falls and the faster she loses her progressive street cred.

Why is Warren making so many awful political decisions? Why does she think people want her to pursue a brokered convention? Why does she keep thinking that attacking Sanders will help her? Why is she making all the wrong chess moves?

The answer lies in her staff.

If you are wondering why Warren is making all the wrong moves, it is because she is listening to all the wrong people.

Warren has hired multiple people who were apart of the debacle that was the 2016 Clinton campaign, the same people who told Hillary she did not need to campaign hard in battleground states, the same people who told Hillary to be on the offensive with Sanders, these are the same people now whispering in Elizabeth Warren’s ear “No, of course they would support a brokered convention.” And “Go after Sanders, you need to bring him down if you want to win.”

Here are just some of the former Clinton people that Warren has hired.

Liz Wester – Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Political Director.

Janice Rottenberg – Regional organizing director for the Clinton campaign as well as director of the Ohio Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign for Clinton. If you recall, Ohio is one of the states Clinton neglected that went to Trump (He won 80 out of 88 counties).

Richard McDaniel – Warren’s nation organizing director and Hillary Clinton’s primary states regional director, he was also the field director for conservative Democrat Doug Jones.

Tracey Lewis – DNC figurehead and head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, while I find no record of her working for Clinton, their twitter profile is one with the long dead #StillwithHer tag and both the DNC and DSCC have long put up the resistance to pushing the party farther left.

Roger Lau – Warren’s campaign manager, he actually was a state director for Clinton’s campaign for president in 2008, another losing campaign! This might also explain Warren’s strategy to stay in to gain delegates until a brokered convention. In 2008 Clinton pursued a similar strategy, when it was clear Obama would be the nominee Clinton, stubbornly, stayed in the race hoping to gain enough delegates for a brokered convention. It should be no surprise that a campaign staffed by people who used this strategy before would advise their candidate to do it again.

So if you can’t figure out why Warren, a person who once marketed themselves as a progressive and Bernie’s “friend” would shift away from progressive messaging, look no further than the people she hired to run her campaign.

Remember what Buddha said, “To judge someone, look no further than the company they keep.”

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