The Professional Protester’s Super Tuesday Endorsements – California

Here is the list of my endorsements for the California Primary Election happening on March 3rd, 2020. I am a proud Californian who lives in Sacramento, it is important to note that I cannot vote for all of these individuals myself but I encourage all voters who read this to vote for these candidates wherever possible.


President – Bernie Sanders Because… well, in case you can’t tell from previous posts, I kind of like the guy. Lol.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles District Attorney – Rachel Rossi

At the recommendation of my favorite sex work author, Siouxsie Q James, I recommend voting for Rachel Rossi. Rossi is a public defender with a track record of standing up for black lives and she demonstrates the most nuance out of the field of candidates on issues vital to progressive values, such as sexwork. I lived in L.A. for three years, I miss it, I want what is best for it, and I want the incompetent monster that is Jackey Lacey to be out of work ASAP. I do wish Rossi was further left and do not agree with her on all issues, but we cannot allow the immoral and incompetent tenure of Lacey to continue. I recommend voting for Rossi for Los Angeles District Attorney.

Sacramento (My home town)

Sacramento City Council District 4 – Katie Valenzuela

Katie is a qualified candidate who supports rent control, a vital issue in Sacramento, and has the endorsement of multiple organizations, such as ACCE and my own DSA chapter. Katie has extensive experience organizing her community and a professional level understanding of community land trusts, which could serve as a vital instrument in ending the Sacramento rent crisis. Katie also has the endorsement of Sacramento county’s Democratic Party, something her opponent, incumbent Steve Hansen, does not. In fact it should be noted that Steve Hansen was expelled from the Sacramento County Democratic Party because he endorsed Republican District Attorney Anne Schubert, the woman responsible for letting off the officers who killed Stephon Clark. I whole heartedly endorse Katie.

Sacramento County Democratic Party Central Committee – Ian Lee

Ian is a personal friend of mine and one who I cannot recommend enough for this position, he is running on a slate of candidates (called the Progressive Labor Alliance) to infiltrate the Democratic party with pro-labor, class oriented progressives. I voted for the whole slate but I give my personal endorsement to Ian Lee more than anyone else, especially since I signed the petition to get his name on the ballot. Ian Lee is a professional labor organizer who has been on the front lines of the fight in more ways than I am capable of describing. He was a part of the historic Occupy UC Davis camp where he was brutally attacked by police, and I can honestly say he has done many favors for the Sacramento DSA chapter to the point that we would not have a chapter without his efforts and contributions. If I could only vote for one person on the slate, it would be Ian Lee. It should be noted that you can only vote for Lee if you are receiving a Democratic Party ballot.

San Fransisco

Congressional District 12 – Shahid Buttar

Shahid Buttar is another DSA member and the first candidate to challenge Nancy Pelosi for office to have an actual chance at defeating her. His politics are solid, his campaign is well run and does its homework, he is an adamant Bernie supporter and supports the issues that speak to the electorates material needs; he is pro medicare for all, pro green new deal, and is running a truly intersectional campaign. I cannot think of a better representative for San Fransisco than Shahid.

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