Dear Left/Alt Media : Give David Wright Work

ABC reporter David Wright has been suspended after right wing propaganda group, Project Veritas, released a heavily edited video of him criticizing his network’s lack of journalistic integrity and for admitting that he is a socialist.

Wright was recorded without his knowledge, this would not be the first time Project Veritas arranged a sting against journalists under false pretenses.

ABC announced that when Wright returns, he will be moved away from political coverage, despite his Peabody Award and commendable coverage of war-zones like Afghanistan and Darfur.

Journalists from all ends of the political spectrum are objecting to the suspension, most pointing out that there is nothing wrong with having private opinions as a journalist. For ABC to cow to a line of neutrality based on a video from an organization that is anything but neutral is an act of cowardice, especially in the eyes of journalists.

As a victim of heavily edited right wing attacks (google James Jackson DSA convention then enjoy the Fox News fodder against me) I sympathize whole heartedly with the situation, and I implore all left leaning and alternative medias to consider employing David Wright.

Wright is being robbed of his job for having a personal opinion and for speaking truth to power, in a conversation he did not consent to having recorded. More importantly he was suspended for challenging ABCs coverage of the election and for admitting he is a socialist.

Wright needs solidarity right now, and the left needs more mainstream journalists to come into our fold and bring our message to the masses.

The ultimate act of solidarity would be for outlets like Democracy Now, Means TV, or Status Coup to employ Wright. Wright is one of the first victims of a brewing new Red Scare, and the smears on socialists will only continue as Bernie gains power.

We cannot let an unethical group like Project Veritas receive this level of validation, we cannot let ABC get away with firing people for having opinions go unchallenged, and we as socialists have a duty to stand in solidarity with other socialists.

I implore all leftist and alternative media to consider giving David Wright work during his suspension. Wright deserves better than this.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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