The Time Has Come For A Workers Party, It’s Time to Join DSA

You can intellectualize your hesitancy to join the organization as much as you want but you cannot ignore the reality of our democracy-less “democratic party.”

In the debate before the Nevada 2020 primary, all candidates but one admitted that they are fine with super-delegates picking the nomination. The one candidate to say the people should pick the nominee was, of course, Bernie Sanders.

If Bernie Sanders is robbed of the nomination by the DNC then it will be the death of the “democratic” party, a death that is long overdue.

Comrades, we can continue to agitate the democrats but the fact cannot be ignored that an alternative to the democratic party is not only possible but necessary. Bernie Sanders has done most of what he has done without declaring party allegiance. Bernie has operated as an independent the majority of his career, proving that one can succeed in this politcal realm outside of the capitalist DNC. But that final question in the debate is proof that we need an alternative to the DNC.

We need a mass, working class party. There is only one organization whose goal is to build a mass movement, intersectionally oriented party for the workers, and that is the Democratic Socialists of America.

There is another fact we must face, a workers party is not going to come about magically. It will not be conjured out of thin air. It is going to take pain, blood, sweat, discomfort, and tears. It is going to take work to build, and it is on us to build it. We, the masses, the workers, must take the initiative of change, we cannot wait for it to come from on high.

This is why it is time for you to join DSA. A workers party will not come to fruition unless we make it so. If you want to bring about the long overdue end of the democratic party, then the best and quickest way is to join DSA.

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Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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