10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Warren

Warren supporters, hear me out.

I know you want to see a woman president. I know that Warren has sucked you in with promises of plans and a folksy, Americana appeal. I know she has held her head high against Trump’s misogyny and as a woman in politics, misogyny in general.

I know she has a great populist slant to her rhetoric. I know she fulfills your fantasies about American capitalism being regulated and equitable.

I say everything I am about to say as someone who once respected Warren, you can actually go through my blog to see that I did once see her as a voice of the people. I was once impressed with her progressivism and her support for Occupy. That is where my fondness from her stemmed, she was one of the few people to acknowledge and validate the sentiments of Occupy, as did Bernie Sanders.

Then I woke the fuck up, and I am pleading with all of you to end your self inflicted tunnel vision, and accept the reality that I have accepted.

Warren is not the progressive she sold herself to be.

Here are ten reasons to stop supporting Liz Warren:

1. Liz Warren claims she helped people as a bankruptcy lawyer, but the Washington Post revealed that as an attorney she helped DOW Chemical minimize lawsuit settlement payouts to women who were poisoned by silicon breast implants. I’m going to repeat that in all caps for emphasis. LIZ WARREN WAS PAID BY DOW CHEMICAL TO PAY POISONED WOMEN AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

2. Liz Warren validated right wing and racist talking points by lying about being indigenous her whole life AND she validated those talking points when she took that stupid DNA test. Warren might as well have said she believes in eugenics when she did that. I know several of you defend her on this point, “It was an honest mistake.” Well even if that is true, impact matters more than intentions, I have accepted that and so should other white leftists.

3. Liz Warren admires world leaders like Angela Merkel. Just so you know, Merkel is ON VIDEO telling a crying middle eastern girl why she has to be deported.

4. Warren has no excuse for misrepresenting the conversation she had with Bernie Sanders. Smearing someone who has been nothing but an ally as a willful agent of the patriarchy is dirty politics and it bastardizes the Believe Women movement.

5. Warren helped create the Trump presidency. Look, by now we all have to admit Bernie would have won in 2016, even if you don’t like Bernie (though I will say if you don’t like Bernie there is probably something seriously wrong with your competency). Warren could have shifted the 2016 primary in a big way had she chosen to endorse Bernie, who she had more inline with politically at that time and could have killed the Bernie Bro rhetoric. However she choose politcal cowardice, she made no endorsement until the race was reaching its conclusion and as a result the BERNIE BRO myth has lasted well into 2020, erasing hundreds of thousands of women and people of color.

Those who denyed us our first chance to have Bernie gave us Trump, Warren is one of those people.

6. Warren gave Donald Trump a standing ovation! This really should be number one. Giving a fascist a standing ovation should immediatly disqualify someone from political office. I genuinely do not understand why you are willing to forgive Warren for that if so many of you are as anti Trump as you claim to be.

7. Warren is by definition not a progressive because of her funding plan for M4A. She supports a regressive head tax to fund it, not a progressive payroll tax. You literally cannot call yourself a progressive if you dont support progressive policy, that is kinda the whole point of using the word progressive.

8. She lied about her tenure in the GOP. Her excuse for being a republican until 1994 was that she wasn’t politcally active, but we literally have her on tape giving speeches to conservative organizations like the Federalist Society.

By the way, if it was true she wasnt politically active as a republican, this means she stood on the sidelines during Civil Rights, Watergate, Roe v Wade, and the AIDS crisis. Either way, she was still a part of the problem.

9. Warren doesn’t do her research. At the last debate before Iowa she claimed she was the only candidate to beat an incumbent repbulican for her office in the last 30 years. Bernie quickly pointed out she was 100% wrong. Further, each elected office that Bernie won was held by a republican for almost a century.

10. Warren gave Donald Trump a standing ovation. I know I already wrote that one down but I feel like that’s an important one worth repeating. No one who gives Donald Trump a standing ovation for anything will ever have my respect.

The real Warren and the Warren that progressives are in love with are not the same person. Folks, I implore you, do your research, then vote for Bernie Sanders.


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