Why I Do Not Go to Indivisible Protests

Recently I saw in my Facebook timeline an ad for an anti-war event hosted by the local Indivisible chapter. The event was a “protest” against the escalation of violence that can, and will lead to war with Iran.

The following is an actual quote from their page:

While it is nice to know Indivisible is anti war, this epitomizes why I am not a liberal.

I will be blunt, as is my nature, you are not protesting if you are not disrupting the flow of capital. A few days ago I marched with DSA and Answer Coalition to protest the aggression against Iran and we did what protesters are supposed to do, we disrupted peoples lives. There was a die in in front of a Sacramento Kings game and before that we blocked traffic at “multiple intersections, forcing people to hear the message, “NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR.”

That, my comrades, is a protest.

Let me be quite clear, a protest without confrontation is not a protest, and a protest that gets permits to march in the streets is a parade.

Doing nothing but holding signs on the sidewalk is nothing more than self validation of your own beliefs.

The war in Vietnam did not stop because protesters played nice like this. They occupied recruitment and administration buildings. They got loud and forced people to watch the news clips of children being napalmed.

There is nothing revolutionary about being polite in the face of injustice. If you are not protesting in a revolutionary manner you are not protesting, period.

As the kids like to say, don’t @ me.

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