F**K You Sylvia Garcia

I didn’t come to Congress to impeach the President.

Even when he separated babies from their parents at the border or took money from our troops to build his wall.

The Constitution is my guide in this process and that’s why I urge my colleagues to vote to #ImpeachTrump.

– Tweet from Rep Slvia Garcia (Tx-29)

This was the message from congressional rep. Sylvia Garcia during the vote on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

This could easily be rephrased to, “I did nothing when the fascist president committed infanticide against brown people.”

This is the modern Democratic Party. These are the people who need to be primaried by socialists if we ever want the Democratic Party to ever be truly democratic.

Sylvia Garcia’s obtuse remarks eptiomizes the cognative dissonence of the capitalists in the Democratic Party. Garcia publicly admits, on the most forward facing form of social media, that she was not bothered when children were separated from parents or that state violence was enforced at the border.

No, what offended her was Trump sneezing in the general direction of Joe Biden’s son.

Representative Garcia, I say these words to you.

You are more concerned with defending the racists in your own ranks than with attack the systemic realities that enable Trump’s racism.

And yes, I dont care that he was VP to the first black president, Joe Biden is a mush mouthed racist and we all fucking know it. You are not a hero to racial justice if you work with segregationists, period. Yet you are leaping to the defense of the Biden’s all while belittling the deaths of brown children, all of whose blood is on Donald Trumps hands.

But for some reason, that was not enough to get you off your ass to do something. Going after Joe Biden though…

To hell with Sylvia Garcia. To hell with the capitalists “representing” us in congress. If we want the party to trully care about the working class, we need to purge the party of the likes of Sylvia Garcia.

Fuck you Sylvia Garcia.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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