Surprised JK Rowling Is A Monster? Then You Didn’t Pay Attention to Harry Potter

Are you shocked, absolutely shocked, that JK Rowling would out herself so blatantly as a transphobic bigot?

Don’t be. Rowling has never been on the side of the oppressed.

She was one of the agents of smear against the integral Jeremy Corbyn, which helped the Tories sweep the latest general election, and she insisted that the U.K. “welcome” Donald Trump when he makes his state visits.

How could someone who inspired the imaginations of so many be so closed minded?

Well, if we had been paying attention to her work, we could have seen that she has been a class traitor this whole time.

Let us review the overall plot of her magnum opus, the Harry Potter Series:

The series is about an entire class of people (wizards), who are segregated from the general population (they have their own schools, shopping centers, they even have their own trains!) In order to be a part of this class YOU HAVE TO BE BORN INTO IT (eugenics, much?). This wizard class, that is apparently too good to mix with the muggle masses, has total control over a single commodity (magic).

Here is where it starts to get good: to be a wizard you must be born into this class, and theoretically this class COULD cure all of the worlds ills with the commodity at their control. I always found it infuriating that wizards could be curing disease and ending world hunger, but for some reason they just choose not to.

The most infuriating part however is that NO ONE IN THE BOOKS QUESTIONS THIS! Everyone just accepts that it is okay to not use magic to help muggles, in fact the wizards ARE FORBIDDEN to use their magic in the muggle realm for any reason! Much like how the capitalists will make excuses and laws forbidding the redistribution of wealth or the feeding of the homeless on the street.

The books are one giant justification of the existence of billionaires. Billionaires sit on the majority of the worlds wealth while we suffer and toil. Most end up in the ranks of this class through inheritance, as wizards inherit their magic.

So to review, you have the eugenic idea of birth essentialism in how wizards inherit their magic. You have a justification for a small class of people controlling a world benefiting commodity, while they live in a segregated community.

Yeah… I’m really glad I grew up as a Star Wars nerd.

Book One of The Harry Potter Series

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