Call the Abortion Bans what they are, FASCISM!

In this episode on my video blog I try to make the point that I have been making on my blog ever since Trump was elected.

The abortion bans that are being passed in places like Alabama and Georgia are evidence of one thing, fascism is not “on the rise” in America, it is already here.

We here arguments made all the time that Trump is Hitler or Mussolini. Cody Johnson makes the excellent point however that while there are parallels between these fascists and Donald Trump we need to remember that fascism wont look like it did in Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy, it will look like Trump’s America.

This is a true statement, George Carlin said it best before he passed, “When fascism comes to America it will not be in storm trooper uniforms and black leather boots, it will come wearing Nike shoes and smily face t-shirts.” He could have easily just said tacky red baseball caps.

That said the parallels between our fascist state and ones of the past are growing, and none are made more evident than in the abortion bans.

Every major right wing controlled state has instituted bans on abortion on demand, Italy did, Germany did, and now the United States has. The abortion ban is also showing the face of a sad reality of fascism, liberals in power working with the fascists and giving them what they want.

Louisiana’s governor is democrat John Bell Edwards, whose candidacy was endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 2015, has already announced he will break with the Democratic party and sign Louisiana’s abortion ban. Much like how liberals abdicated to Hitler to defeat the communists, or when Chamberlin bent the knee and give Hitler the Sudetenland, so have we seen the so called “resistance” bend to fascist whims.

Call the abortion ban what it is, fascism. We can no longer pretend that fascism is just a “growing problem” in the United States. We need to accept the harsh reality that it is here. We live in a state where elected officials are literally assaulting the press (see my post about Montana’s special election last year.). We live in a state where the so called “resistance” is not only willing to work with the enemy but bend to their whims. But worst of all, we live in a state where laws controlling a human body can be passed. All of these things existed in Germany and Italy circa 1939, and now they are apart of America’s way of life.

Call these bans for what they are, fascism.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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